Your Natal Chart and Your Inner Self

neon sign of diamond

by Esther Neptune

Many jewelry stores have campaigns luring customers in, particularly men looking to pop the question to their girlfriends.  The classic diamond solitaire ring has historically been the engagement ring of choice.

Think about what a diamond ring represents.  A gemstone, when found, begins far from perfect, then is faceted, polished, and brought to life by a master jeweler.  Then it is sold in a jewelry store, prized for its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.  Some stones have more inclusions than others, but the right cut and setting can bring out the best in any particular stone.

Polishing Your Inner Diamond

Each of us is like a “diamond in the rough” when we arrive on Planet Earth.  We are born to human parents and need to learn the ropes as we grow older.  Humility serves us better than pride.  As life goes on, we are critiqued by the diamond cutters of life, as well as the eventual buyer of the ring.

Understanding Your Natal Chart

I like to tie in this analogy about gemstones to illustrate the concept of the natal chart in astrology.  Each one of us is born at a specific moment in time.  The time we were born is reflected in our natal chart.  An astrological natal chart is used to describe our core characteristics and personality traits.

Some of us are blessed to have more harmonious aspects in our charts, such as trine (120 degree) or sextile (60 degree).  Others have more difficult ones such as squares (90 degree) or oppositions (180 degree).  

A person who has easier aspects does not necessarily get further in life than a person with more difficult ones.  It all depends on the collective wisdom, energy vibration, and self-love a person has cultivated over time.  A person with many easy aspects can become complacent, where a person with difficult ones is used to working hard.

Practice Self-Love

When difficult aspects are overcome, your diamond finally sells!  Those held back earlier in life can seize the potential of good things coming in through self-love and reflection.

If your “diamond” in your natal chart is particularly included with difficult astrological aspects, you may have to put more effort into self-love.  But you can appeal to a greater audience with a “cut” to compensate for the hardships in life you faced early on.  You can surpass the ordinary round-cut “flawless” stones, and appeal to more buyers!

Choosing to polish your inner diamond when love life is on hold is a great practice.  Self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, relaxation and yoga are wonderful ways to connect with your serene being.  Remain confident that you are LOVED at all times, even if you are not in a relationship.

Stay polished and let your inner light shine!

About the Author:

Esther Neptune Headshot

Esther has been a professional psychic reader for five years. She met her mentor in 2013, who took her existing astrology knowledge, along with teaching her the Tarot, and transformed her into the psychic she is today! Esther has over a twenty-year background in healthcare prior to her psychic career, with over half of that experience devoted to mental health and psychiatry. Her combined experiences of psychic readings and psychiatry make her the perfect advisor to guide you with her intuition.

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