Seven of Cups Reversed Tarot Card


If any card signals the need for comfort, stepping back, re-evaluating, and really repeating to yourself a lot that everything will be OK, it’s the Seven of Cups reversed. The card of dreams, choices, and wistful stares is on its head, making a mess of something inside your mind. And despite the rather whimiscal start to this article, the card can indicate some serious problems that you may want to address with help from others. It’s a card that signals the perception that hope is lost — but in reality, hope isn’t lost, and you can make your way back to a much brighter situation.

The Building Blocks

Sevens are not considered unwelcome in a spread, but they do bring some sort of obstacle with them. The Seven of Pentacles, for example, can mean waiting and seeing about a material matter, like waiting for a paycheck, and the Seven of Wands indicates a situation that requires courage. Cups are the emotional suit, so in the upright version of the Seven of Cups, the obstacle generally lies in deciding when there are too many choices, or putting daydreaming to better use (such as making those dreams come true). Generally, there’s the hint that you’ll get past whatever obstacle is there.

When you reverse the card, though, the obstacles take hold. The Seven of Cups reversed turns those daydreams into procrastination and illusions, lies and denial. The dreams may even be gone; this card can signal a lack of dreams and creativity. The choices may now distractions, or you’re refusing to choose; maybe you have no choices and seem to be at a dead end. And brain fog is another interpretation, with your mind unable to focus on the situation.

Depression and More

There are interpretations of the Seven of Cups reversed that can indicate depression, potential suicidal thoughts, and similar issues. These are not absolutes, but the appearance of the card, depending on the question, is a call to evaluate how you’re really feeling, and possibly get help if you need it. The card can indicate both run-of-the-mill “being down in the dumps” and being clinically depressed. If you do think something is going on there, please do seek the treatment you might need.

One more interpretation is potential drug use. This is a very Neptunian card with all the illusions and daydreams and magic, and drug use is sometimes associated with an adverse aspect of Neptune. It’s not a common interpretation, but you may find it applicable in rare situations.

Don’t Panic

Two special notes regarding card placement in spots that indicate other people or an outcome, either short- or long-term.

First, if the Seven of Cups reversed shows up in a position that indicates it might apply to another person, do not immediately assume that depression or drugs are involved and demand that person seek treatment.

Until you have a clear idea of how that person is related to the situation and what is really going on, observe. Be ready to help in a reasonable manner. But don’t assume anything because you could take such drastic action that you really mess up.

For example, you pull this card for a question about a trip you’ve been planning and think it may apply to your roommate, who has seemed awfully quiet and isolated recently. The last thing you want to do is assume something is very wrong with the roommate. Keep a caring eye on them, sure. But realize there could be more to the story. It’s possible that your roommate is simply overworked and may decide to back out of the trip in order to have more time to complete work without burning out.

For outcome positions, if you pull this card, do not lose hope. All the card indicates in these positions — all any card indicates in these positions — is that your current path regarding the question could result in those influences. Yes, that could mean your plans don’t work out. It could also mean that you have to make a change to your path in order to reach the outcome you want.

Rather than worry about what’s really wrong, get a professional tarot reading to look more deeply into the situation. Remember that there are always paths, and just because one hits a snag doesn’t mean that it and all the others are closed off to you.

Your life may go off in a direction you didn’t expect, or you may have to cool your jets for a while when you were hoping to take off. Either way, expect changes, and if they don’t look like they’re going to happen on their own, you have a chance to make them happen.

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