Queen Elizabeth’s Astrological Birth Chart

queen elizabeth astrological birth chart

Like many astrologers, I have studied the birth chart of the Queen for years. As the longest reigning U.K. monarch, Queen Elizabeth II changed the world for the better and made a difference in the lives of many. She was a force to be reckoned with and will be honored by her country for years to come. 

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What is Queen Elizabeth II’s Zodiac Sign?

Born on April 21, 1926 at 2:40 a.m. in Mayfair, England, Queen Elizabeth was ready for her role as a public servant from birth. Her “big three” are a Taurus sun, Leo moon, and Capricorn ascendent, making her a dominant political figure in the world. The Taurus sun dictates an unwavering and strong persona that is stringent in their beliefs. The Leo moon made her a regal being and loyal. It also denotes that her heart was big and filled with compassion. The Capricorn ascendent marks a leader who took her job seriously. Being Queen wasn’t something she took for granted. Queen Elizabeth knew that she had to work hard and give her all, while sacrificing a lot, to her country. 

Queen Elizabeth II Birth Chart Revealed 

Being that her sun and moon are both in fixed zodiac signs, it denotes that her personality is unwavering and unapologetic. The Queen was not a person who would surrender to the will of others easily, rather, she would remain strong in herbal beliefs — even when questioned by her advisors. Having such a strong personality is amazing for a leader, but it also shows that she had trouble with implementing change into the world. If she was open to the evolution and growth at large, then she had a very strong sense of right and wrong — one that was ingrained in her since childhood. 

More about the Royal Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo, & Capricorn Ascendant

Looking at her chart, the first thing to take notice of is that the planetary ruler of her ascendent, Saturn, is located in her Midheaven or 10th house. This sector of the chart is where we see one’s work life and career. Since it’s a house of public image, we can see that being in a noble role or career in which she had to be of service to others was part of her destiny. The presence of Saturn secures the fact that she was born into this role because it denotes a career decision made at a young age. With the action planet Mars and expansive Jupiter aligned with her ascendent, she gave her all to her position — even sacrificing her personal life for the needs of her country. She was born for her role as the Queen, as supported by her birth chart.

Was she tough? Yes. She ruled with an iron fist and didn’t allow anyone to stand in her way. When it came to her advisory committee, she had a lot to say that probably juxtaposed her views. Her chart shows a woman who was not afraid to stand up and never backed  down from a cause she believed in. Stubbornness may have been a fatal flaw of hers, due to the fixed nature of her chart, but she didn’t allow it to show. In fact, she was probably seen as just being conservative by those who knew her well. 

The legacy that Queen Elizabeth eaves behind with her country is one of greatness. Since 1952, she helped her country blossom and dedicated her life to public service without ever complaining. It was her destiny to rule and change the world — which she did.

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