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By Lisa Stardust

How To Use Tarot 

Tarot is a form of divination in which the querent uses playing cards with pictures on them to predict their future. The pack of 78 cards are divided into 5 suits of Swords, Cups, Rods/Wands, and Disks/Pentacles. Each of these suits are composed of 10 numbered cards and 4 royal suits (Page, Knight, Queen, and King). They are further divided into elements: The Swords are associated with the element of air and communication; Cups symbolize water and emotion; Rods/Wands represent fire and action; Disks/Pentacles represent materialism and money. Beyond that there are 22 Major Arcana that are the trumps of the tarot because they have more power than the others. These cards represent the impactful and important things happening in our lives, according to the tarot.

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Tarot Reading for Love and Relationships 

When it comes to finding answers about relationships and love, Tarot is a wonderful place to get the comprehension of a situation that you need. It can help you understand your feelings, as well as how much your partner or crush is invested in the relationship. Tarot can help you come to the truth of all romantic matters. 

Keeping a Checklist for a Love and Tarot Reading

Before you begin, it’s important to keep a journal to note the cards that you pull. This will be your go-to to see how the relationship evolved and to understand patterns that the tarot is picking up on. Also, make sure you center yourself before beginning to pull cards. Don’t let your anxieties get in the way of the reading. Proceed with a clear head. 

Here are some Tarot card spreads that can help you gain answers from the Universe about love: 

General Love Spread 

This is a Three Card Love Spread to see the Past, Present, and Future of a Relationship.

  • Card 1: The feeling they have for you at the moment. 
  • Card 2: What’s going on in your own energy and how it’s influencing the situation. Things you can adjust.
  • Card 3: How the love between you will evolve and the direction it will go in. 

Catch A New Crush 

  • Card 1: The Goal. What is the type of relationship that you want to bring into your life? Sometimes when everything is wide open, it can be harder to narrow it down and pick a specific quality to focus on.
  • Card 2 : Description. Let me know what they look like. Are they tall? Do they have dark hair? 
  • Card 3: What do I need to be mindful of that needs more attention or assistance in order to achieve the relationship I want? 
  • Card 4: Assistance. Where can I meet this person? Maybe it is as simple as amplifying your own intuition. Let someone help you on your path!
  • Card 5: Advice. What is the final message I need to hear to tie everything together and move forward? 

Friendship Spread 

This spread is In a circle shape 

  • Card 1: Past friendships to keep in mind 
  • Card 2: Current situation/friendship (positive aspects )
  • Card 3: Current situation/friendship (negative aspects)
  • Card 4: Strengthening/positive changes, growth opportunities
  • Card 5: Anything causing stress/anxiety/unhappiness
  • Card 6: Desired outcome of the friendship
  • Card 7: Advice in carrying this friendship 
  • Card 8: What you will bring to the friendship 
  • Card 9: What they will bring to 
  • Card 10: Outcome

Relationship Check-in

At this point, say you have already gotten the love you want, but want to spruce things up. This relationship spread would help you figure out what you need to do. It is what tarot readers call a mini-cross and is modeled after the Celtic Cross. The positions are 1 and 2 in the middle, 1 is vertical and 2 crosses over 1 horizontally, 3 is placed to the left and 4 goes to the right. Here is what the positions mean:

  1. How they feel about the relationship 
  2. What you need to improve upon in the interim 
  3. How you feel about the relationship 
  4. What to do to make things better or evolve together 


This is a seven card spread. For each question, you’ll pull a card to get clarity on the matter. 

  1. How do I feel now? 
  2. How do they feel?
  3.  How do I offer grace and healing for myself and others?
  4. Where do I seek beauty, and how can I incorporate this source into my everyday life? 
  5. How can I create more understanding in my relationship?
  6. What am I avoiding in my relationships?
  7. What does the future hold? 

Healing A Broken Heart Spread 

Additionally, once you pull a card, place it in the middle or second position of the three card lineup. This card shows you the best ways to move on. Consequently, you want to choose a clarifier for each card to get more information. You should pull the healing card last. It’s the third card that’s in the lineup. Underneath it, place a clarifying card. Before you look at the clarifier, which articulates the meaning of the healing card, look at the imagery and illustrations to interpret the meaning of the spread.

Are They The One?

Specifically, for this spread, it’s best to shuffle the cards and close your eyes while focusing on the question. Split the deck in half and then pull two cards from the top of each pile. The defining answer will be on the bottom of whichever pile you are pulling from and drawn to. Don’t judge the outcome based on the amount of reversals you get. Eventually, you will understand the meaning behind each card to determine your answer. 

How Do They Feel About Me?

Surely, there comes a time, and every tarot reading in which the client or person who’s getting the reading wants to know how their crush/significant other feels about them. Generally, you can always pull three cards and compute their meanings all together. However, the more efficient way of finding out the answer to the real mystery is to shuffle the cards and to keep pulling out cards until you reach a court card. The first court card that you see and pick is the way they feel about you. For instance, if you choose the Queen of Swords then they see you as a strong no nonsense person. On the other hand, if you get the Knight of Wands, then it’s a friends with benefits non-committal vibe. 

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Lisa Stardust
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