How To Manifest Love into Your Life

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Manifesting is a very popular word these days. To manifest means that you are putting forth something to be created. It is quite often that people use the correct timing in order to manifest anything. Usually people use the New or Waning Moon to manifest something into your life. When the moon is waning, it means that it is getting full. People like to manifest good health and prosperity but others want to create something more unifying in their lives. Nothing drives the need to do magic like love does. You can always go the extra mile and work with a professional to help you create the best manifestation yet. 

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What Do You Say When Manifesting Love?

Your voice is the most powerful tool in your witchy toolkit. Some say that vocalizing your thoughts will make them come true. You can manifest things by simply speaking them aloud into the Universe. The only caveat here is that you need to be aligned emotionally and vocally. If you say something out loud knowing deep down it won’t come true it most likely won’t. You need to match your emotion with your intention and speaking voice. Be confident in your request. It could be a good idea to write down your manifestation first. 

You want to say things like, “I am creating or I am manifesting love to come into my life”. Follow this up with the type of love you are looking for. For example, say something like this “I am manifesting true love to come into my life. I am looking for faithfulness, passion, fun, and kindness. I am manifesting for someone to feel the same way about me as I do them.” Putting forth this type of attitude and speech will send the message out to Source in the form of energy and it will reflect back the exact same way you put it in. 

How Do You Manifest the Person You Love?

It is always advised to not think of an exact person when manifesting love. However, if you do have a special someone in mind it is recommended you work with a reader to see how you can get in there. You may want to put their name in a glass of sugar water or water with honey. This will manifest your special someone to sweeten up to you. You can also work candle magic on a new or waning moon to draw them to you. 

If you do not have a special someone in mind it is okay! This will broaden your chances. You will need to workshop your manifestation and include a list of qualities you want this special someone to have. You can also work with a professional to remove any blocks you may have before the manifestation. Candle magic, love baths, meditating with rose quartz, or even a romantic playlist can help you manifest the love you desire. 

Which Day is Best for Manifesting Love? 

In normal tradition, Fridays are also known as Venus day. Venus is the goddess of love. It is always good to manifest love on a Friday especially if the moon is new or waning. The colors associated with Venus Day are bright white and shades of pink. 

Valentine’s Day is on 2/14 and is dedicated to love in all forms. This day not only belongs to Venus but also belongs to Cupid who is responsible for shooting arrows of love to your special someone. Manifesting a ritual on this day can help bring forth the love you desire. 

New Year’s Eve is also a great time to manifest love into your life. You ring in the New Year with grapes and cider. Why not add a little honey? It is also said that you should wear a new pair of red underwear on NYE if you want to draw love into your life. 

How Can I Use Manifestation For Love?

Here are some ways you can manifest love into your life:

  • Work with a professional to help you come up with the perfect ritual and manifestation.
  • Candle magic uses the art of fire to bring that which you most want to you. Dressing the candle with the right oils and incense will also help you with your request. In this instance you want to write a letter or manifestation that will sit below the base of the candle. 
  • A love bath will reinforce your aura with attracting that which you want. When sitting in a love bath which can consist of florals, salts, and herbs you can meditate or speak out what it is you want to manifest. Set the mood with a romantic playlist in the background.
  • Meditation with rose quartz can help reinforce the above mentioned but can also be a way of drawing love your way. Meditate 5-20 minutes a day holding rose quartz in your hand. Envision the love you are manifesting come your way. You can write up a prayer or mantra to go in tandem with the meditation to really make it count. 
  • A simple gesture such as a romantic playlist can go a long way. Think of this playlist as a love letter to your partner. Light candles, put on perfume, get ready for a big night out by listening to your favorite love songs. This will activate attraction energy to come your way. 
  • Creating a vision board of what you want this love to be is another fun way to manifest love. Collage photos of happy couples and flowers together. What do you envision doing with your partner? What foods will you like to share? What music are you both into? Perhaps you find a photo of a couple on vacation or at the movies that you can incorporate into your magical artwork. 

How To Manifest Love Using Law of Attraction

As mentioned before, you can always attract a specific person by writing their name down on a piece of paper and placing it into a glass of sugar water or honey. This will sweeten them up for you. I also mentioned working with a skilled pro to help you look into your karma with that person. They could help you come up with a bespoke ritual to help you get that person you have been dreaming of. 

When using a candle, you want to write both your names and astrological signs into the candle. This will help the energy focus on the love between you and that other person. You can also go the playlist route and dedicate love songs to them. This will also help you send out a message of love. When creating a mantra, you can bring that person’s name into the mix and that way the meditation is dedicated to you both. 

How Can I Attract a Specific Person In My Life?

Another way of attracting a specific person is by creating a sigil of both your names together. You want to either carve this into a candle or draw it on a piece of perfumed paper. This is also something you can focus on while meditating. You create the sigil by writing out both your names on a paper. Remove repeat letters until you have one of each letter from both names. You then want to create a drawing out of the letters. That drawing will be your sigil. 

Remember that the most important manifestation of love is the manifestation you have for yourself. If you do not appreciate or treat yourself with kindness these rituals may not work as well for you. You can always manifest for you to heal and fall in love with yourself. Using magic responsibly is what makes one a power practitioner. Be fun and get creative. Remember this is your creation and your vision so just roll with it and the rest will follow.

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