8 Questions to Ask An Astrologer

These are the best questions to ask an astrologer.

As a professional astrologer of over 15 years, my clients ask me all sorts of questions. If you’re getting a professional reading, these are the top eight questions to ask an astrologer. 

But remember: astrology is about projection. Your birth chart is a canvas, your transits are paints, and your goals are the paintbrush. In a good astrologer-client relationship with the right questions, anyone can make a beautiful painting.

What is my relationship with money like? 

This question always interests me because in birth charts money is closely related to self-esteem and confidence. It’s also aligned with transformation and growth (which makes sense IMHO because we are always growing in the way that we handle cash and finances…hence the reason that we pay attention to personal debt and how we balance our check books). 

Here’s a professional tidbit, I have a client who has revolutionary Uranus in their second house of personal finances and healing centaur Chiron in the eighth house of debt. These two planets oppose each other in their birth chart. Spending money makes them feel good about themselves, but their bank account is always in flux. With my help (and learning from a few financial mishaps), they now have a healthy budget and spending habits. 

What are my innate talents? 

This is my favorite question. I love telling people about their secret talents and gifts. 

Usually the client’s gifts are clear from the placement and aspect of the creative planet Venus and the artistic fifth house. 

I had a client once who had a great chart to be a singer—but they had unique placements in their fifth house.  Long story short, they found success and joy in professional yodeling. 

Can a birth chart evolve with time?

YES! You may be born a tender Cancer, but now feel like a vibrant Leo. This is shown through the progressed chart. All planets move forward with time, which is why we feel different from our born astrological identity. 

I was born a Gemini but my progressed sun is in Cancer. I’ve gone from talking about my feels to feeling them hardcore. 

Quick Fact: The Moon (which marks our emotions and security) is the fastest moving progression and changes signs every year and a half. This is why our hearts and emotions are always changing.

What is my professional calling in life? 

The tenth house of your Astrological chart tells your professional calling in life. Aspects of your tenth house show your dream career and the way to achieve your goals. 

The tenth house is also the house of public standing, as it shows the relationship that we have with the outside world—our bosses and authority, but also the way people perceive our actions. You can find out your job standing, whether your should switch careers, or how close you are to a promotion. Pretty cool, huh?

What was my past life like? 

The South Node of Destiny represents our past lives—lessons, relationships, and karma that we learned from the past. The house placement and planets aligned with it show the energy, bad habits, and baggage we’re leaving behind. The kicker is a lot of people don’t wanna leave the past behind. 

You can tell if a person is a past life connection based upon whether their planets connect with the Nodes of Destiny in your birth chart (and vice versa). They use the South Node of Destiny as a security blanket that permits them from achieving their faith in this lifetime because they’re hung up on the past. 

What am I supposed to learn in this lifetime?

You can find your fate from  the North Node of Destiny, which shows the energy that you are pulling into your world during this lifetime. 

What I’ve found with a lot of my clients is that they’re insecure about this part of their chart, because they don’t know how to handle the energy when it comes their way because it’s new to this lifetime.

What does my birth chart show about my health? 

You can learn about your health from the sixth and eighth houses. You’ll be able to see chronic  health issues and issues to come. 

How do I give and receive love? 

There comes a time in every astrology reading when the client wants to know about love. 

A birth chart can show romance and relationships, but mostly when a person is in the mood for love. A birth chart can show the precise timing of when you will find love or want to date. 

Also, the birth chart (particularly the seventh house, Venus, and the Moon) is descriptive of the type of person that you want to attract. Keep in mind that astrology is all about projection—especially when it comes to love, relationships, and romance. Your chart is calling in the energy and people, so be clear about the type of partnership you want.

While there are many questions to ask an astrologer, these are the ones that will get you the most insight right off the bat. If you’re looking to talk to an astrologer right now, you can chat with one of Keen’s advisors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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