3 Past Life Tarot Spreads from Beginner to Expert

this is a past life tarot spread

Understanding yourself through Taro is an amazing way to connect with your spirit. Most importantly, it’s a great way to gain consciousness and see what your subconscious and the energy around you is trying to tell you. Using Taro to gain insight into your past life is an awesome way that many people understand their deepest wounds, insecurities, and emotions. This gives us insight into what our spirit, soul, and heart truly want as it’s based on repressed emotions from precious lives. 

Brief Explanation of Past Life Tarot Readings

Past life readings are a wonderful way to connect with the energy from your previous life. As you know, we are always dealing with karma from our past life, which is why these are so important. By doing these we can gain insight and clarity into the person we are evolving from and trying to be. Also it will give us insight into the lessons which need to be learned in this lifetime. We can completely understand ourselves by understanding what we are moving out of and trying to become. It’s important to ask the right questions in past life readings, which is what all the examples below state. Now you can get to the bottom of a situation and get the tea on your soul’s experiences. 

Beginner Spread (1-card spread)

Separate the court cards from the whole deck. Take the court cards, shuffle them, and let your energy run through them. When the moment feels right, pick one card out of the deck. Then, place his card right side up and interpret the energy. This card represents the archetype of the person you were in a previous lifetime. If you pull the Queen of Disks, then you were probably a nurturing type of person. If you pull the King of Swords then you were a dominant force to be reckoned with. This is to understand the energy of the person you were in the previous life. 

Intermediate Spread (3-card spread)

Separate the major arcana, court cards, and minor arcana into three different sections. The major arcana represents the lessons from that life m, the minor arcana shows the energy brought into this life from the last one, and the court cards represent the person you were. Shuffle all three of these different decks and pull one card from each when the energy feels right. Then, in three different piles, place one card from each section. That will tell the story about your past life in three tarot cards. 

Expert Spread (5+ card spread)

Shuffle all the cards together and place your energy in them as you run your fingers through them. When you’re ready, start pulling cards. In the first position, which is to the mid left, place a card to represent who you were in a previous life. In the second position, which falls to the right to the first card, place a card to show what you did. Underneath this card, place the third card to show the challenges in the precious life that you faced. Next to it, place the fourth card, which shows the lessons learned from the past life. Then, above that, place the fifth card to represent how you died. Next to that, put the sixth card above the fifth to represent how your past life shaped you. Write these findings in your tarot journal. 

Using one of these pads will help you learn a lot about your past experiences. Also, it will give you insight into the person who you were and who you are shaping out to be in this lifetime. It’s important to know your findings and it’s herald journal or keep track of your insights. The reason being is because these will be beneficial later on when looking back about the reading that you did for yourself, as well as for your own personal knowledge. Knowing about your past life flipping a lot of clarity to this life. You will find that a lot of the hesitations and setbacks thought you were experiencing urge you to fears which you are working through from your previous life. These spreads are intended to help you heal, bring clarity, and work through issues.

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