Life Path Number 7

This person's life path number is 7.

Many psychics use numerology, a system that believes that mystical numbers affect people’s lives. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology—much like a divination tool like tarot. Your life path number is one of the most significant numbers in numerology and today we’ll be look at life path number 7.

What Is A Life Path Number? 

New to numerology but familiar with astrology? Think of your life path number as being similar to your zodiac sign. It represents your personality—including strengths and weaknesses—and is a snapshot of your past, present, and potential future. It suggests your greater purpose in life. 

What Is My Life Path Number?  

Take your date of birth’s numerical value, add all those digits together by category (year, month, day), and keep adding each of those digits until you finally end up with a single number. The only complication is if the sum of one of your groups of numbers turns out to be 11 or 22. You never reduce these digits to a single number because they are known as master numbers in numerology, so they possess their own distinctive meaning.

Significance of Life Path Number 7 

Sevens tend to be mysterious, and they don’t want you to know who they are. What does the number 7 mean spiritually? 


Sevens are perfectionists, but they can become frustrated as the world is not always a perfect place. You do look for flaws though you can’t recognize your own. Those with a 7 life path number need to study their actions to be less critical of others. 


Those with life path number 7 like to remove themselves from the drama of everyday life, but this can come across to others as acting strange, aloof, judgmental, shocking, or even awkward. Alienating others can adversely affect a seven’s pride, so they must exercise self-respect to conquer overwhelming feelings of loneliness. 

Deep Thinker

Sevens are deep thinkers, and they can’t seem to turn off their brains. They’re constantly looking to find answers to diverse questions, and they’re always looking for the truth in everything. They have profound beliefs, question authority, and can make impressive arguments for the sake of personal and social change. Being a deep thinker makes 7’s creative analysts, sharp planners, keen investigators, efficient problem solvers, and accurate intuitives. 


A 7’s intuitive gifts allow them to feel their way through life. When others are perplexed by a problem, a seven instinctively knows how to solve it. It’s also a tool that can help a seven with various aspects of their own life too. 


Paranoia is a common trait in 7’s. They allow their natural fears to get in the way of feeling safe and grounded. Poverty, scandal, and indignity are among their greatest fears. To overcome this personality trait, a seven needs to gain more knowledge because knowledge is power. 

Life Path Number 7 Compatibility 

Your love of solitude can make it difficult for you to form close relationships. While you value your independence, you may often feel lonely or isolated because you lack closeness with others. Because you spend so much time alone, you may lose your consideration for others and become inflexible.

7 and 1 

Ok match: This relationship is more intellectual than emotional because a 1’s energy helps strengthen a 7’s wisdom and reason. Even so, it could be lacking in chemistry. 

7 and 2

Good match: Thanks to a 7’s sense of reasoning, 2’s become motivated to broaden their sense of thinking. 

7 and 3

Poor match: While this pairing is filled with a psychological likeness, it does not go beyond an intellectual conversation. Also, the aloofness of a 7 isn’t enough to motivate life path 2. 

7 and 4 

Great match: This duo is the perfect blend of a 4’s broad experience and a 7’s sharp intelligence and intuition. 

7 and 5

Poor match: When cerebral 7 and instinctive 5 are paired together, they’re thrown off. While they make a great combination intellectually, their assumed independence can be confusing. 

7 and 6

Poor match: This opposites-attract relationship does not necessarily work out. Building a family is on the mind of a 6, while a 7 is more into traveling and being spontaneous. While a 6 may be more willing to compromise, this is not the case for a 7. 

7 and 7

Great match: Call it lucky sevens, but this pairing is very intellectual and built on a foundation on metaphysical, spiritual, and philosophical preliminaries. When it comes to achieving goals, both life numbers back one another up.

7 and 8 

Good match: Both have the potential for financial gain, which could provide a secure relationship. The good news is there’s warmth on the romantic side, too. 

7 and 9 

Great match: This match comes as somewhat of a surprise. They both have high expectations and a desire to get involved with colossal life and social projects. While the union is semi-mysterious, it’s still a realistic, tangible partnership. 

Interested In More Numerology? 

Remember, even if numerology indicates that you’re not a good match doesn’t mean you can’t make a relationship work out. Our Keen psychics can help you identify your life path number and compare it to your current or potential partner. You’ll gain the insight and tools you need to work through any potential roadblocks so that you can have a happy and successful relationship for the long term. Even if you’re not in a relationship, such intel can be a snapshot into a deeper understanding of your life path. 

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