Sagittarius Man Leo Woman Compatibility


As if it were all just a big game hunt, the passionate lion woman is one of the best possible targets the male archer can win over. The Sagittarius man is a wild and fun-loving spirit who never lets an opportunity for adventure pass him by. The Leo woman mirrors his zeal for staying positive and the unrestrained passion that all fire signs undoubtedly possess. The Sagittarius man values his freedom above all else and, luckily, the lioness makes no claim to it. In the same token, the archer could care less that the Leo woman expends all her energy attempting to impress the crowds that surround her. There are generally few real problems that arise between the pair and they are extremely close to being the ideal karmic partners that many of those in love strive for. The most promising aspect of this couple is that the areas where they often draw the line and become stubborn with other signs are extremely unlikely to ever become an issue for each other. Whether you have already entered into such a relationship or not, continue reading to discover just what makes these two such a fantastic pair.

Basic Compatibility

With their matching energy, generosity, and passion levels leaving no room for boredom or breaks, it is full steam ahead for the Sagittarius man and Leo woman pair. The lioness views herself very highly, as do all Leos, and will consistently seek to pad her ego with compliments even if she must work hard for them. She is a leader first and foremost, and will quickly seize that position from the Sagittarius man who could care less as long as he is having fun. Whereas the Leo woman finds her joy in people and praise, the Sagittarius man finds his in exploration and adventure, whether he has a partner at his side or not. They share an abundance of optimism, and neither will let a partner or friend spend a day without a smile. For those fearing that interests may pull you in entirely different directions, there is rarely a reason to worry. Even if their pursuits aren’t exactly the same, both Leo women and Sagittarius men hate being at home and prefer to be out and about. It is only natural that you will often be at each other’s side as the impressively bonded, compatible couple to be envied.

Alas, not all is sunshine and roses even between the best of pairs. As mentioned previously, both Sagittarius and Leo can be quite stubborn at times depending on the cause. While Leo women are far more likely to settle down and eventually compromise, you can expect a Sagittarius man to hold to his guns as if his life depended on it. After several episodes, the relationship balance may feel a little one-sided and create resentment. Another issue that arises is the unfiltered honesty of Sagittarius, who will never dress up his words in order to make them hit softer. Unlike the archer, the lioness is a more emotional person and raw honesty can hurt, even when unintentional, and even bruise her ego. Moving further on the emotional aspect, the lioness will want more of her partner or friend as bonds grow, while the archer flees from anything that sounds even remotely needy. Barring these few issues, these two fire signs burn together brightly in fulfilling relationships.

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Love And Relationships

Friendship is remarkably easy to obtain for both the lioness and archer. Between their exceedingly outgoing personalities and a natural charm that magnetizes everyone around, neither sign will ever be left wanting when it comes to socializing. The Leo woman is extremely loyal as this is important to her. Her generosity knows no bounds, and when a friend is in need, she will do everything in her power to help them. She accepts all without restriction, but unsurprisingly favors those who will provide the ego boost and adoration she treasures. The Sagittarius man is also extremely generous, but his loyalty can sometimes be called into question. The archer is often blamed for being loyal only as long as a situation, friend or partner offers some excitement value. While this isn’t necessarily true for all archers, flakiness with people one the initial excitement has worn off isn’t exactly rare.

Intimate relationships will always offer the highest level of satisfaction between these two signs. The overwhelming passion they possess finally gets an outlet, frequent and exciting sex. The archer demands a continuous stream of thrills and the lioness aims to please. The potential for a Leo woman to become possessive and jealous is one real worry of an intimate relationship. Occasionally, when her mate fulfills her need for attention so well, she is reluctant to share him with anyone else. For many signs this is a lighter approach to possessive behavior and can be almost endearing, but not for a Sagittarius man. His instinct will always be to balk at the first sign of restriction or dependency, and he will not hesitate to find a swift, hurtful exit to a relationship. Overall though, all signs point to success and happiness for the passionate, powerful pair.

Working Together

Leo women will always put forth great effort to fuel their ambitions, not for riches, but for respect and admiration. The potential for the laziness of a lioness is almost directly tied with opportunity for advancement; if none exists, then she has little reason to put forth all her skills. Generally, she is an extremely hard worker, an excellent leader that uses inspiration over threats of discipline, and an employee who can excel both in groups and alone. Sagittarius men are goal-setters and achievers. They will constantly create goals and endlessly strive to reach them no matter what it takes. As such, they are never without a drive and won’t make up excuses to not give their all. Archers maintain their optimism in the workplace and won’t ever accept that something can’t be achieved. Together they make a relatively flawless pair and do not step on each other’s toes unless the lioness feels she is being outshone.

If any relationship between a Sagittarius man and Leo woman is on your horizon, you’re in luck as they make a stellar pair even in mere friendship. While the two may have their differences, sharing a love for positivity, adventure, and meeting new people is more than enough to form the basis of an amazing relationship. Sagittarius benefits greatly from a partner who respects his freedom and needs for space. Leo does best with a mate won’t be jealous or annoyed by her need to be surrounded by adoring crowds. Together, they complement each other in all the best ways.

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