Understanding Astrological Love Compatibility: Tips for Dating the Fire Signs

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When people find out I’m an astrologer, they usually say, “Wow, that’s cool!” Pause. Then: “Can you tell me what type is right for my sign?”

This question used to bug me because there is so much more to a person than their Sun sign, but then I realized—this is a great way to connect with astrology in a practical way, and there really are some universal truths you can apply to the Sun signs. Especially in dating.

Since we’re coming into the time of Aries, it made sense to write about the Fire signs in love. Here are some tips for planning a perfect date, inspiring amour, and keeping your fiery partner engaged for the long haul. 

Aries: Red Hot and Ready To Go

The main thing to know about an Aries Sun is that they are focused yet impulsive, action-oriented, and no-bullshit kind of people. So if you are going to ask an Aries out—just do it! They like physical activity, so planning a hike, a scuba dive, or a rock climbing trip are all winning choices. If you come across that rare Aries who isn’t sporty, they will like adventure in some other way. One of my Aries gal pals wasn’t into outdoor adventures, but she loved teaching and learning. For her, a  more intellectual approach worked, like a lecture or a documentary—something that would expose her to new ideas. Aries loves new things and exploration. 

The exploration thing tends to stop in the bedroom—go figure—and a more “let’s get it on” style is the norm. They will appreciate a direct approach to sex—flirting is a bit lost on them. Aries are energetic lovers and like to have sex a lot. You might have to teach them a little foreplay, and they probably won’t go for cuddling afterwards. Aries will not respond to pouting—so either accept their style or be honest about your needs. Most will try to accommodate you, but don’t expect too much. 

Over the long-term, an Aries Sun needs freedom to be who he/she is. You’ll need your own lives, although to go the distance with this sign, you’ve also really got to share some passions that you can pursue together. It will be an exciting, ever-expanding ride!

Leo: Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About…Me

Nah—I’m kidding. A little. Leos get a bad rap about the self-absorption thing, and it’s true that they have a fair degree of self-interest going on (like Aries, in a way). The thing is, Leos are here to learn about self-love, and a big part of that journey is learning that they can’t find love from the outside. But it can take awhile for them to finally figure out that their best fan is themselves

So, where your Leo is on that journey will make a difference as to how they roar. Typically, though, the Lions love parties, going to shows—music, theater, whatever—and having a big arena to shine their considerable light. A great first date is heading out to an exciting event, and they will love having input on the plan. Unlike Aries, they want to be approached with flirting, flattery, and acknowledgment. Make sure to give them an authentic compliment, and don’t abandon them at the bar while you talk to your friends. Kitty don’t like that! 

Sexually, Leos are playful, certain to love a bit of theater in the bedroom, and need lots of stroking and petting. They will want to know you liked it and need those cuddles. The amount of adoration and attention you get in return will warm your fires for days to come. 

Leos will likely want a partnership that continues to reflect them, even as they grow into more self-love. Like Aries, they need room to do their thing, but they want you to be supportive and involved. They are probably going to want kiddos, so if that isn’t on your menu, be upfront about that. Leos are truly magnificent in the right relationship—giving, generous, and kind.

Sagittarius: All The World Is Their Oyster

Got your passport? Some candles to burn during the all night philosophy session? How about your flowered skirt and your VW bus? Sagittarius is the traveling bohemian of the Zodiac, and to pin down this inquisitive sign—well, forget the pins and just go along for the ride. This sign needs a big world to explore and loves nothing more than a like-minded traveling companion. A great first date could be anything—a film about climbing Everest, a Grateful Dead tribute show, a trip to the Egyptian traveling exhibit at the museum. It just needs to tap into something they are currently curious about.

Sexually, Sag is one of the signs more suited to polyamory, and they definitely have an easy-come-easy-go attitude toward lovers. That doesn’t mean they can’t be faithful, but to keep a Sagittarius sexually interested, you’ve got to be capable of tolerating large amounts of freedom. This sign likes sex—maybe even interested in Tantra or other fascinating sexploits—but they aren’t inherently sexually fascinated (like Scorpio). It just depends on what is turning them on at the moment. They will likely lie in bed with you afterward for a deep talk before heading out to the next adventure. 

The thing is, Sag won’t stick around in a stale relationship. They need freedom, the far horizon, and space for their endless curiosity. Most Sagittarius Suns I know travel extensively and are super fun, laid-back, intelligent people. Like their opposite, Gemini, there can be a bit of a flake factor. You’ve got to have your own life, be eager to share it, and have an adventurous spirit to go the distance with a Sag. It’ll be great, though—a life well-lived with many stories to tell.

The Fire signs rock in their own particular way. They are the seekers and action takers of the Zodiac and honestly can be the most fun—if exasperating—partners. Of course, any relationship can benefit by digging deeper into Venus, Mars, and the Moon—and by looking at composite charts. Astrology is a deep and wide river, my friend. But knowing just a little about what inspires your Fire sign in love can get you a long way. 

Are you curious about astrological compatibility with a new lover or established partner? Advisors on Keen can help—call today! 

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