Ace of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card


When the ace of pentacles is reversed, the outstretched hand is turned upside down, allowing the coin to fall to the ground. If you see this card reversed, it is usually a sign that things in your life may not go according to plan in the near future. These problems often revolve around issues with money – in its upright state, the ace of pentacles tarot card is often a sign of success or wealth. Here are a few possible meanings regarding the ace of pentacles reversed in tarot card readings.

A Lost Opportunity

You may be expecting a great financial opportunity in the near future. Perhaps you are anticipating a promotion or bonus at work. Or maybe you have been interviewing for a new, lucrative position. But you should not depend on receiving these opportunities and financial gains. The reversed ace of pentacles card indicates that these opportunities are very likely to fall through.

Because of this financial uncertainty, it is imperative that you be extra careful with your budgeting. Do not make commitments that stretch the limits of what you can afford. If you are not careful, you might find yourself in over your head with no easy way to save yourself. Be careful with your money and set aside to safeguard yourself against unexpected financial crisis.

An Unbalanced Budget

The ace of pentacles reversed may be a reminder that your budget needs to be paid some attention. Right now, you are spending more than you are bringing in. If you do not stop this now, it will only lead to much bigger problems down the road. Do not depend on future successes and opportunities to come your way and “fix” everything. Find ways to live within your current means to keep yourself financially secure.

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Time to Spend

If your budget is already well under control, then the reversed ace of pentacles may take on an entirely different meaning. The card may simply indicate that a lot of money is about to leave your hand. You have been saving your money for a long time. Now the time has come for you to spend that money. This is likely referring to an upcoming large purchase, such as buying a house, a new car, or starting your own business.

Delayed Ambition   

Having plans and goals for achieving what you want is always a good thing. However, these ambitions may be delayed, according to the ace of pentacles reversed card. Unexpected delays will hold you back from what you want. It might be time to re-evaluate your plans. Modifications may be necessary in order to ensure that your plans really are realistic and achievable. Do not be afraid to seek professional advice in order to get everything heading in the right direction once again.

Loss of Stability  

With the ace of pentacles turned upside down, you probably find yourself feeling unstable right now. You are struggling to keep up, which makes you feel very vulnerable. This loss of security can leave you feeling stressed and worrying constantly. As hard as it may be to do, do not allow yourself to worry so much. The more you worry, the worse your situation becomes. Now is the time to take a step back and reconnect with what really matters. Focus on completing any unfinished projects you have. Once you are able to ground yourself and get back on track, you will find your stability once again.

Romantic Instability

The reversed ace of pentacles may also be an indication that your current relationship is on an unstable foundation. Commitment is a necessary part of a relationship, however, you are not willing to give this partnership the attention it requires to flourish. Instead, you have been too focused on your career.

Financial issues may be the primary cause of your relationship’s instability. Your finances are completely drained, which is forcing you to put off things that you both want – such as marriage. Now is the time to create a realistic budget that allows you to save for your common goals, rather than focusing only on your own greed and desires.

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An Important Warning  

When you see the ace of pentacles reversed, it may be a warning that you have lost sight of what is really important. Your judgement is clouded by negative attributes, such as greed and corruption. You are very ambitious in your pursuit of financial wealth and will stop at nothing to achieve it, even at the expense of others around you. Open your eyes and take a step back. You have been blinded by your selfish ambitions.

Upcoming Failures   

If you are pursuing a new opportunity in your life, seeing the reversed ace of pentacles in a tarot reading is a troubling sign. Whether you are starting a business or beginning a new job, this card means that failure is likely. You may be rushing the process and overlooking critically important details. Stop rushing ahead. If you truly want to succeed, take the time necessary to account for every aspect of the situation. You will not succeed if you continue to blindly push forward with your current intentions.

Health Concerns

The reversed ace of pentacles can also be a warning that you need to pay closer attention to your health. You might have recently begun a new diet or exercise program, however, you have not stuck with this plan. If you do not take care of your body, you will continue to feel tired and worn out. It is time to get yourself back on track and work consistently towards your health goals.

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