Should You Look at Someone’s Horoscope in the Hiring Process?

by Psychic Advisor: Nadi Astrologer

People work one third of their life. Success is proportional to your life style, and more money= better home, education, and everything else.

There are successful people, and ones not so much. How does astrology play a role here? Your planets when you were born decide that.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your own horoscope. You would have to go back in time to take birth again.

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So, what can you do? Change the horoscopes of the people that work with you or for you. If you want to build a successful organization, then you need to hire people who are about to be successful. How do you hire people who will be successful? The horoscope of the individual will show that. All people have ups and downs in their profession. You need to pick people whose phase of success is running or approaching. Put a few of them together, and your project/work will be a success. The horoscope will not only show if the person is about to be successful in the near future, but it will also show if the person is trustworthy. It will even show when that person will leave the job.

When you are in control of all of these factors, you can easily control the outcome of your endeavors.


About the Author:

Nadi Astrologer and vastu consultant of over two decades who tells about your past present and future from just date of birth. Been giving accurate predictions on relationship, health, profession and entire family with precise time frames. Teacher, guide and mentor to numerous advanced learners of astrology.

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