Solar Eclipse in Leo: Attraction and Desire

solar eclipse

by Keen Astrologer: Leslie Hale

On August 11th, the third and final eclipse of the summer season and 2018 will occur. It will be a partial solar eclipse falling at 18 degrees of Leo, which is the sign of royalty, glamour, theatre, and the dramatic. The eclipse will be visible from Norther and Eastern Europe and parts of North America. This eclipse will have major effects on countries, individuals, animals, and all living things.

The eclipse is a New moon, also known as a Super moon. This Moon will appear closer to the earth. Super moons are associated with extreme tidal forces working in the sublunary world, which includes us. These moons are connected to extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. Energy will be present before and after the eclipse for months, and sometimes years.

Eclipses are like wildcards that allow us to learn about how and what we need to change and evolve in. An eclipse can seem good and/or bad, depending on what it predicts in your personal chart. Often, an eclipse is dramatic and reveals important information.

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With an eclipse, we have both endings and beginnings. A lunar eclipse is associated with a full moon and symbolizes endings. At this time, something may be eclipsed out of your life. A solar eclipse is associated with a new moon and symbolizes beginnings. At this time, something may be eclipsed into your life. Regardless, unexpected information almost always comes to light.

An eclipse can clear away the emotional baggage and re-set your emotional life. Often, we may feel the rug has been pulled out from under us because eclipses often bring events, unexpected situations, separations, and change that we did not anticipate.

To be precise, this eclipse falls at 18.42 degrees of Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign, and rules the 5th house of children, friends, love, and entertainment. As the 5th house also rules fun, this eclipse, more so than the past two, may be a time to cut loose and try and enjoy some summer fun while we still can.

5th House Connection

Since Leo rules the 5th house, expect to see many events and situations during and around this eclipse that relate to relationships and fun, and love and important ones.

Venus squares Saturn August 10th and this becomes part of the eclipse energy. Relationships that are tottering on the edge may take turn for the worse or end all together. But luckily, healthy and positive relationships will remain. Venus squaring Saturn can make us feel unattractive, unloved, lonely, tired, and underappreciated. You may expect too much of your friends and when your expectations are not met, great misunderstandings may occur. If you are disposed towards jealousy, this can rear its ugly head and vague imaginings can be construed as tragedies if you aren’t careful. Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the sky. Stay grounded.

Leo rules the dramatic. We may see or act with a certain flair, either in clothing or appearance, or in our demeanor. Leo is an attention seeking sign and while under this energy, unexpected grand gestures and grand ultimatums may occur. Remember, when Venus squares Saturn, you might act in a different manner; be prepared for the consequences. It’s also helpful to remember that the other(s) involved in events are feeling this same energy.

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Major Events in the World and in People

Leo rules drama, theatre, and royalty. We could hear news of royalty, stars, entertainers, and others who are in the spotlight. Beware, even if individuals are not famous, they may still act like prima donnas.

Mercury is Retrograde

While eclipse energies go for at least a month before and after, it often stays for longer. As Mercury is retrograde and squares Jupiter, some things will be blown out of proportion and you can overindulge very easily. Good thing is that this is typically a positive transit. While Mercury is in its retrograde period, events connected to this eclipse can be delayed and occur after the eclipse has passed.

Mars is square Uranus

Mars (retrograde) is still in a square to Uranus as it has been over the past several weeks. This square is unpredictable and is prone to sudden, unexpected events in the world and in our personal lives. This can give you the urge to break free from anything you find restrictive or rebel against authority. If you are not careful, there can be a tendency to act without regard for consequences and you could find yourself in hot water as a result. Being aware of this energy however, can lead to creative breakthrough and change.

The Eclipse and Your Sign

Here is a quick glance at where the eclipse falls in your chart. If you know your ascendant use that:

Aries: 5th House- friends, children, love affairs, entertainment, fun.

Taurus: 4th House- foundation, home, family, the end of a matter.

Gemini: 3rd House- short trips, communication, neighbors, immediate family.

Cancer: 2nd House- money and possessions.

Leo: 1st House- personal and relationships.

Virgo: 12th House- hospitals, isolation, what lies in the subconscious mind, endings.

Libra: 11th House- friends, hopes, wishes, groups, organizations.

Scorpio: 10th House- business and career.

Sagittarius: 9th House- travel, education, world view.

Capricorn: 8th House- money, other people’s money, taxes, debt, sex, change.

Aquarius: 7th House- marriage, partnerships, courts.

Pisces: 6th House- work and health.


About the Author:

Leslie began to study metaphysics at a very young age. After college she pursued a career in media but her passion for astrology turned into two decades of intense study during the 1980’s-90’s. Leslie joined Keen in 2002 and specializes in relationships, breakups, finance, and time-frames relating to specific life events.

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