Woman in Swimsuit on Beach with Astrological Wheel

As the season warms up into a summer sizzle, the pool, the lake and the beach are the destination of choice for most girls. You want to look your best and still keep your self-respect, though, and trendy swimsuit styles are often the wrong way to go. Instead of following the crowd, you can make the best choice by following the stars in selecting your summer outdoor wardrobe. A swimsuit that matches your sign is the best way to show off the real you. It will also naturally attract interest from guys who are more in line with who you are, men who will bring chemistry to the mix right away.

Read below for your zodiac sign in order to maximize the sunshine that summer swimsuits can bring to your love life.


The best looking Rams are the ones who inspire pursuit, so be sure your summer swimsuit is brightly colored to attract attention and yet hides just enough of you to inspire that hungry man to seek out a closer look. Walking with a strut in your step is the best way to attract a muscle man at the beach.


The Bull is demure and really doesn’t succeed in showing off. Your ability to attract will be in wearing a designer outfit that stresses quality and attractiveness. Look for something that you could wear in front of your grandparents and make sure everyone who sees it knows it is the best of any brand and you will get the respect most men withhold out in the sun.


A Gemini can get away with wearing denim jean shorts at the beach – as a quick change of your mind could send you and Mr. Right on a nice hike in the hills a half hour after meeting at the surf. Trust your natural flexibility to find the combo that shows off your best figure while getting you from shore-to-more as quickly as possible.


The pragmatic side of a Cancerian will always be in a battle with your sentimental nature. Don’t be a sucker for old patterns that look out of date just because you are attached to them. Buy something with a priority on looking cute – not sexy, not tempting, just plain old cute. You will attract more wholesome guys and that is a pragmatic way to follow your sentimental journey.


Since you know you want to show off, go ahead and make the entire beach or poolside your stage. A revealing outfit will always attract a crowd of guys, but a classy cut full-piece swimsuit leaves so much for them to imagine. Choose your cleavage, buns or abs to show off, get a suit that slightly reveals this best highlight of yours and then enter summer.


Your suit must attract the right guy, a guy who wants to have a conversation that leads to nice summer nights and days. A swimsuit that doubles as a costume will work. What celebrity do you resemble? What swimsuit would she wear? Don’t wait for Halloween, try it – even a ridiculous character will get noticed and approached.


You are at your best when provoking, so pick a swimsuit that carries a little controversy with it. This isn’t necessarily one with too little covered. Something edgy that shocks your neck of the woods will do. The raver look still makes them queasy in the heartland, but you might get more shock value in urban America with a cowgirl swimsuit.


There are not enough days in summer to exhaust your options of wearing black. The Scorpio comes alive when the lights are out so dark colors are a must when you are out in the sun. A black bikini and a pair of big sunglasses might be all you need to find a summer dreamboat, but don’t stray too far from the lifeguard tower as you might need rescuing from the deep ocean of love.


Your love of adventure is the likeliest avenue for getting your soulmate to look at you this summer. Do you have safari gear? Short khakis can work for a dip in the ocean, or cover a bikini bottom if you get up off that lounge chair and dive into the pool. Maybe some camouflage patterns will underscore your commitment to making this summer a rumble in the jungle.


The thrill of getting the latest style of swimsuit must be tempered with making sure it really looks good on you and not just the models in the advertising. Once you settle on the designer label that sums you up, take an objective girlfriend (who isn’t competitive) and perhaps a guy friend along as you shop for that label’s style that works best for you.


The man of your dreams is the one who will push through the crowd of admirers and dazzle you with his skill. So put on a swimsuit that shows off all the work your personal trainer put into you this winter; ignore the ordinary Mr. Rights in the crowd surrounding your shoreside stroll and work on your outfit each day to maximize the attention it draws. When you count a peak of admirers, find the one that you want the most – your work is done!


You might have some lofty artistic ideas for the best swimsuit, but you probably need one that actually does well in the act of swimming. Something a little practical will go a long way as you will be attracting soul mate material quite easily when you spend so much time near the water. You do not need to flaunt your features, so enjoy the chance to swim your way to love in something that stays comfortable when it gets wet.