Summer Fun for Every Sign

Summer Fun for Every Sign

As the weather warms up, every zodiac sign likes to come out and play. Summer is the perfect time to indulge your inner element. Whether you are an earth, water, air or fire sign, here are some fun ideas you can experiment with this summer.

Summer is packed with sporting activities, which are perfect for your competitive spirit. As a fire sign, you can take it as hot as it gets, so beach sports under the blazing sun are a wonderful draw for you. You enjoy the adrenaline rush from summer carnivals and thrill rides, so you’ll certainly keep busy.

As an earth sign, you like nothing better than communing with nature. From summertime gardening to camping excursions with the family, you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as you can. As a highly practical sign, you’re a fantastic camper and will never be without the necessities!

Your sociable nature and love of variety means that summer parties are definitely your favorite part of the season. As an air sign, it’s important to you to feel the wind, and you’d love to go hot air ballooning. This gentle form of travel would provide you with an amazing sense of freedom and awe.

Very much a homebody, you’ll want to spend your summer in and around your own neighborhood. Make the most of the warmth by creating your own “room outdoors” – transform an old shed into a summer hideaway. Nearby, indulge your water element by creating a fountain or water feature so that you can see and hear the water.

Summer brings outdoor theatre, carnivals and parades, which are all perfect for your showbiz nature. Get out and about with plenty of luxurious Leo style picnics, complete with high class linen, cutlery, champagne and candles – both to indulge your fire nature and to keep the bugs away!

For you, summer is the ideal time to explore your love of history, visiting historic places or even archaeological digs. You’ll love activities like going to local farmer’s markets with organic produce. As an earth sign, you will enjoy hiking in the forests, following nature trails and watching wildlife.

From open air concerts, museums, galleries and exhibitions, you’ll love spending summer expanding your love of culture. As an air sign, you’re drawn to the coast where you can enjoy breezy cliff top walks. You love to sunbathe too, but somewhere relatively shady as you don’t like strong heat.

Although hot by nature, you don’t particularly like the summer heat and would prefer to spend time in the shade. As a water sign, you’re drawn to water, particularly to rivers and pools. Moonlit paddles along the edge of a lake will provide you with some magical summertime memories.

Since you love the outdoors all year round, summer is just as much fun as the rest of the year for you! Extreme sports and anything with an edge of risk will light up your summer. Afterwards, relax and unwind with fiery beach BBQs and parties.

When the gorgeous summer weather tempts you away from work, you love nothing more than to walk barefoot on the beach. As an earth sign you feel the connection to the sand underfoot. Building driftwood sculptures or beachcombing for hidden treasures are great ideas for summer relaxation, and will inspire and energize you.

Summer can be an out of this world experience for you, almost literally – you love stargazing at this time of the year. You’ll be in your airy element in the warm summer nights, armed with a telescope and plenty of patience. You’ll love summer parties too, indulging your social side.

As the ultimate water sign, summertime simply means the beach for you. Swimming, paddling or water sports are all greatly appealing, but you’ll want to indulge your spiritual side too. Try yoga or tai chi on the beach, especially at sunrise or sunset when it’s not too hot.

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