Taurus Man Aries Woman Compatibility


Aries women and Taurus men embroiled in a relationship is a delightful push-and-pull experience that is neither frustrating nor ill-fated. From the outside looking in, it would seem the two powerful horned signs’ endless battle for dominance would be a recipe for disaster and poor compatibility. Instead, they complement each other so well and can understand the innate strength of the opposing party. Of course, there will be some upsets, and someone will eventually claim the status of in control (most of the time!), but the waves eventually calm into a fantastic friendship or intimate relationship. If you are a Taurus man or Aries woman aspiring to have a fulfilling relationship but only getting the horns from your target, be sure to persist a little longer as it will be worth it. A detailed explanation of your similarities and differences, such as the one provided below, can give you the edge it takes to win the attention of your bull or ram.

Basic Compatibility

The Aries woman is a conqueror and extremely ambitious. She takes on a leadership role because of a desire to be at the top and second place at anything is unacceptable. Winning is important, and any challenge is approached with great desire. As such, she is often the initiator in any relationship whether friendship or something more. She is constantly on the move and too stubborn to accept any sort of failure. Taurus men share the same notorious stubbornness as an Aries woman but with different driving factors. The bull’s stubbornness is more related to a refusal to budge out of routines or to be controlled than from a desire to be the victor in all. He is a rock and represents consistency and loyalty you can count on no matter the situation. He works very hard and is focused on financial security with no far-reaching ambition so long as his needs and creature comforts are guaranteed.

While both similarly devoted workers, Taurus men and Aries women differ starkly on all things outside of the workplace. Once the workday is completed, Taurus men become the hedonists they truly are at heart. Their addiction to lazily relaxing at home, basking in hard-earned luxury, great sex, passionate romance and good food become very clear. Aries women are just as vibrant and energetic outside of work as they are inside. They find the slow life boring and are constantly seeking adventure and will run off alone to find it with no regrets. The Aries woman can be somewhat aggressive in her demands, but she will swiftly learn that it is impossible to win an argument with a Taurus man. As failures are soul-crushing, she will meticulously avoid these battles because she cannot win. He has never-ending patience, and she is quick to forgive and move on because life is too exciting to stay in one place for long.

Love And Relationships

For friendships with the bull, slow, steady, and strong is how it goes. He is fairly introverted, but close friends and all family will enjoy that treasured position for eternity. He is open to all types of friends and suffers from no insecurity, but he just doesn’t do things quickly. When you finally gain his trust and friendship, expect him to give his all whenever and wherever he can help. Aries women are the opposite and jump into friendships like they do love, quickly, whether for good or ill. They are a bit more gregarious than a Taurus, but are still pleased to do things alone and will never pine over the lost company. Naturally, they are not very likely to participate in shared activities often, as the ram is a thrill seeker and the bull simply wants to unwind and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Even so, neither sign is clingy and suffers for want of their friend in every situation.

In intimate relationships, the Taurus man is endlessly devoted and loving. His hard exterior dissipates entirely to reveal a man who is extremely sensual and skilled in all things romantic. He is patient and understanding, so arguments will be few and far between even if he wins them all. The tendency of an Aries woman to wander off alone for fun has the potential to provoke his less noble traits such as possessiveness if he worries another has an eye on his prize. The Aries woman injects fun and positive energy into any relationship, lifting down spirits with her constant optimistic attitude. She undoubtedly rules the roost, and won’t give up on any relationship that is important to her. Both signs have a reputation for being dependable and honest with nothing to hide.

Sex and romance with the Taurus man mean you should expect everything to be a slow buildup to make the passion that much more intense. For Aries women, sex is often simply about fun and release. The passion of all fire signs is evident and meshes very well with the slow-burning passion of a Taurus. However, she tends to push back against drawn out romantic escapades as her raging fire element drives her to hot, lusty, and spontaneous sexual experiences. While this does not make them sexually incompatible per se, the Taurus man will not compromise on his needs. Intimacy is where all his weaknesses and desires are bared to the person he loves and trusts most. If he feels sex lacks an emotional connection and renders him as little more than a toy, he is unlikely to stick around for very long.

Working Together

There isn’t much to be said with regard to Taurus men and Aries women in the workplace. Both are dutiful workers who can be counted on to complete tasks on time regardless of challenges. They take no shortcuts and value working hard whether set to an individual task or working in tandem with each other or on a team project. The aggressive ambition of the ram can cause rifts within the office environment, and she is simply unable to back down especially if drama ensues and all eyes are on her. The Taurus man keeps his nose to the grindstone and will never be caught slacking as his security and stability is always at stake. High leadership ability and drive to lead are a given for either sign, with Taurus men more willing to pass it on to someone else.

Taurus men and Aries women are a great match as friends, coworkers and soul mates. A little challenge is to be expected, but they rarely can find serious complaints about one another. There are no surprises here as both are honest and forward about their needs and desires. These two powerhouse signs are not bothered by the presence of another strong party, and may well find it exciting for all interactions to have a potential challenge lurking beneath the surface. It’s the fast life for the Aries woman, and nothing will slow her down, but the anchor to her heart a Taurus man provides will ensure she always comes home to him.

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