Taurus Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Taurus Man Cancer Woman

The strong, stable Taurus man can make a complementary and enticing partner for the sensitive Cancer woman. Sharing many of the same traits, there is very little of a barrier to understanding each other’s base desires and drives. While certainly not the best companion sign possible, the Taurus man and Cancer woman are compatible and the pairing is quite easy to manage as the bull and crab seem to slot neatly together like pieces of a puzzle. More than anything else, a Taurus man values stability and dependability. Attempting to get him to change will get you quite the show of his horned resistance. A Cancer woman matches well as she also values stability, comfort and the well-being of those around her. Cancer truly lives to nurture and comfort those she loves – which is ideal, as behind the imposing horns of a Taurus man, he is a gentle and sensitive soul.

Basic Compatibility

Despite the threatening horns of the bull and pinching claws of the crab, both Taurus men and Cancer women are rather relaxed and tolerant creatures. They rarely, if ever, do any action with maliciousness in mind as empathy is a common factor for both sides. The Taurus man is traditional to a fault, and shies away from risk-taking or any outcomes that can’t be assured solely by his hard work. He is not prone to rushing into any situation or relationship until he has explored every nook and cranny and is content to add it to his lifetime of routine. This cautiousness when dating is perfectly matched by a female Cancer, who also waits to take the plunge in favor of assured emotional security.

Naturally, all is not sunshine and roses, and there are facets of both intimate and platonic relationships that can give both signs some grief. The moodiness that is almost intrinsic to the Cancer sign can be a big issue for Taurus. Mood fluctuations happening too fast or often for him to understand are in direct conflict with what he desires most, stability and routine. On the flipside, Taurus’ stubborn opposition to change can also create rifts in a relationship that ultimately leads to its downfall. The Cancer sign does not do well with confrontation. Instead, she is more than happy to state her desires and wait patiently for her lover to make the changes that will keep her happy. With Taurus, that may never come, and his Cancerian partner is simply unlikely to push the issue regardless of how important it is to her if it means a fight.

Love And Relationships

Loyalty is part of the glue that holds many relationships together, and it is never in short supply in a Taurus/Cancer pairing. While a Cancer woman can be quite the dreamer, it’s usually beneficial to have the down-to-earth Taurus male to balance it all out. Both Cancer and Taurus are sensitive, emotional signs and the bull is uniquely capable of being her stable rock which keeps her from being at the mercy of crashing waves. In friendship, you can always depend on a Taurus man to help you out when you are in need. They answer the call gladly and show their devotion through actions more than words. Cancer women are highly supportive friends as their drive to mother, comfort, and patch up wounds is treasured by any man sensitive enough to appreciate it, of which Taurus is one.

In intimate relationships, a female Cancer may find almost a mirror reflecting herself when paired with a male Taurus. He may not be as freely verbally expressive with his emotions, but he will definitely show it. Once you get past the horns, his affectionate, and even sentimental, side is apparent. Unlike many signs based in stubbornness, a Taurus is not fiercely independent and tends to greatly enjoy long-term, faithful relationships. Both halves of the relationship care very deeply about the happiness and well-being of others, though a Taurus man may funnel that energy specifically only to his loved ones.

Cancers should be wary of saying offhanded insults or other hurtful things when moody or upset as their stalwart bull takes everything at face value. He is truly a gentle giant whose emotional wounds may take a long time to heal. He cannot simply bounce back or easily drift from mood to mood as his Cancerian mate. In intimacy and sex, you can expect romance and sensuality from your partner regardless of whether you are the male Taurus or female Cancer. While the more adventurous sexual pursuits are less common with the traditional Taurus male, he funnels all his energy into providing a passionate and sensual experience to every lover.

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Working Together

Whether fellow employee or boss, a Taurus man is a hardworking, no shortcuts type of guy. He strives to complete everything he starts and is unlikely to chase high-risk offers or off-the-wall ideas. If you want something challenging done correctly by someone who is dependable, a Taurus is your guy. For him, success is to be taken seriously, so don’t expect any suggestions where he doesn’t have the utmost belief in the probability of success. Cancer women are the helping hand that everyone can depend on in the office. While intuitive and capable of discovering better ways to do things, don’t expect her findings will be announced to the entire group. Her natural shyness means she simply doesn’t want to risk her easily stirred emotions with a suggestion that could be brutally dismissed. Endlessly helpful to those around her, female Cancers are regrettably prone to being abused by the lazy. Still, she is also a hard-worker who doesn’t buckle under stress.

Taurus men with Cancer women may not be a match made in heaven, but they are the next best thing. So many of their core traits and values are identical which makes friendships or intimate relationships very fulfilling and unlikely to fail. While the stubbornness of Taurus and moodiness of Cancer can cause some rifts, both signs are calm, forgiving, and very unlikely to hold grudges. The deep emotional involvement for both signs is a guiding force in their lives. As loving, sentimental introverts, they value people far more than material things. For outsiders what may seem boring and monotonous is stable, comfortable and secure, three things the bull and crab cherish beyond all else. Get a psychic reading online to learn more!

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