The Virgo and Capricorn Friendship

virgo and capricorn friendship

Both earth signs, the Virgo and Capricorn friendship compatibility is strong, stable, and secure. They share similar interests and value success, financial stability, and comfort. The a strong Virgo-Capricorn bond is unbreakable.

First and foremost, the friendship between these zodiac signs is built on a solid foundation of equal give-and-take. Because of this, the connection is grounded, and they remain loyal to one another. They tend to be both introverted, so once they have developed a rapport, they may retreat from the world into each other’s company, preferring to hang out at each other’s houses with one another than spend time socializing in groups or going to loud places to catch up. Virgos and Capricorns value quality over quantity and are selective in their relationships.

These star signs love routines, set schedules, and planning in advance. This stems from their practical earth element. Because they are creatures of comfort, they will never get bored of doing the same activities repeatedly. You are likely to find this pair eating at the same restaurant or frequenting the same bar to hang out. Good company, particularly great friends, means more to them than new interests, hobbies, or ventures.

Why do Virgos like Capricorns?

Virgos are very straightforward. They love that Capricorns share this same quality and have zero tolerance for nonsense. They both are kindred spirits who have an all-or-nothing attitude so once they commit to each other, their friendship is strong, and they may feel as though they have found their soulmate in their best friend.

Not only this, but Capricorns are also excellent planners and love to be organized. They thrive on trips with itineraries and in jobs where there is a schedule for the day. Virgos love this as they too love to control their surroundings by establishing set schedules and always being one step ahead.

Capricorns are ambitious and hard-working. These qualities are admired by Virgos who loves practical plans and checking boxes. A trigger for Virgos is people who are flaky and unreliable. This is soothed by the consistency and loyalty a Capricorn can possess to people they keep in their close quarters.

What does Capricorn think of Virgo?

Capricorn adores Virgo’s work ethic. They are resourceful, hustle, and have a go-getter mentality. This activates Capricorn’s hunger for success. The two make excellent business partners as well as friends. They share the same trait of being career oriented. Something to watch out for is that these two strong, stubborn personalities don’t butt heads – they will need to always share the same vision to avoid creating conflict and rivalry between them.

Sometimes, Capricorn can struggle with letting go of work commitments and allowing themselves to have fun. Virgo can help Capricorn with this. They love to reward themselves for their accomplishments and can encourage Capricorn to do the same. 

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Mercury represents communication and practicality, and Saturn concerns discipline. Because of the Saturn aspect with Capricorn, they lean toward needing control. Virgo can help teach Capricorn diligence with their strong, practical nature. Capricorn is likely to come up with the plan, but Virgo will be the one to show them how to initiate it smoothly.

There is strong friendship compatibility between these two earth signs – they have the potential to become very great friends because they both share the same values and passions in life. It can take a little while for the two signs to respectively open up to one another, but when they do let their guard down, they will likely trust each other implicitly and have each other’s back through thick and thin. Their relationship is built to last because it is founded on mutual respect.

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