Virgo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility


There is so much potential for success when Virgo and Cancer get together. They can be very compatible. As earth and water signs, these two will thrive if they can turn their differences into complementary characteristics. In nature, earth needs water to survive. Similarly, the reserved Virgo man depends on the Cancer woman’s nurturing personality to grow as a person, and in their relationship.

As an earth sign, Virgo likes to keep his thoughts to himself, and he’s most comfortable when he gets to plan – whether it be for short or long term. He’s also an intellectual with a great eye for detail. When thinking about Virgo, you might notice that he’s somewhat of a perfectionist and strives for precision in many aspects of his life.

On the other hand, Cancer likes to talk about her feelings, and she can easily go with the flow without the need to have all her ducks in a row. Compared to Virgo, she’s perfectly comfortable without having everything planned out. The joy is in the adventure and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

With these opposing traits, you might think that a Cancer woman requires too much from a Virgo man when it comes to expressing his feelings. But, the opposite is true. Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs in the Zodiac, and in time, she can provide him with an environment where he feels safe about sharing his deepest thoughts.

You might also think that Cancer will eventually tire of Virgo’s rigid sense of order. On the contrary, Virgo is a mutable sign. Despite his desire for regularity, he will adapt to people and situations when enough trust is involved. And, when in a committed relationship, his sense of duty will give him the flexibility and strength to jump through hoops for the one he loves.

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As Friends and at Work

Virgos are some of the truest friends you could ever meet. They are known for their reliability, so he’s the type who will go out of his way at 2 a.m. to help you with a flat tire. And when he says he’ll be there, he means it. It’s rare to find a flaky Virgo.

Virgos are also some of the best listeners in the zodiac. If you need a shoulder to cry on, he might be the first person you would call. The best part? When you’re emotional, he provides rationality. It’s a wonderful balance when Virgo and Cancer share a close friendship. He’ll help you see both sides of the equation.

In the office, Virgo and Cancer also make a great team. When you combine her natural leadership skills and his meticulous nature, every project they work on together will come out perfectly executed. Virgos don’t like to waste time, so Cancer admires and respects him for his efficiency.

When it Comes to Romance

When a Virgo man shows interest, take it as the real deal. Due to his perfectionism, he can be really picky when choosing his mate. He is also slow to make the first move – almost timid at times – as he does embody the virginal nature of his sign. It’s a good thing that a Cancer woman is inherently gentle, and has the heart to nurture his blossoming feelings.

When Cancer detects that he wants to get closer, she will patiently move at his pace, maybe even walking sideways. Figuratively, the crab has a hard and tough exterior and some might find her intimidating. But look deeper, and you’ll find someone just as careful and as sensitive as Virgo. She might very well hide inside her shell until she feels complete trust.    

When they are ready to take their relationship to next level, expect lovemaking to be sweet, gentle and romantic. But, don’t confuse this with boring. Far from it! Virgo is no prude, but he prefers respect and substance over vulgarity. And as someone who really does pay attention to detail, Virgo will work hard to master her every desire. This is perfect for Cancer! After all, she is very much seduced by an attentive lover who is deeply devoted to her needs.

Can This Love Last?

For Virgo men and Cancer women, all conflicts have a resolution if both want to stay together. If his tendency to become terribly self-critical begins to affect their lives, Cancer can step in to give him encouragement and support. Or, if the criticism is directed toward her, Cancer might want to step back and remember not to take it personally. It’s just in his nature.

When Cancer’s moods get in the way, and her emotions run high, Virgo can provide a calming presence and help her process her feelings one step at a time. He can offer a steady hand, and show her of all the ways that everything will turn out just fine. He must also exercise patience as Cancer’s moods rise and fall so quickly like the tides. This is because she is ruled by the moon.

If they reach a critical point where they can’t agree to disagree, Virgo and Cancer must think about the forces that brought them together in the first place. One of the best things about this pair is that they are both gentle, loving souls who desire peace and stability. With enough love, respect and understanding, they surely have the makings of a long-lasting relationship.

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