Aries Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility


Be prepared for battle if interested in a match between an Aries man and Capricorn woman as neither of these signs pulls punches when it comes to competition. While Aries is more of a wild child with an adventurous nature and Capricorn prefers the quiet life, their thirst for competition is shared. Two powerful signs that accept nothing but total leadership are generally going to have their fair amount of struggles in any relationship. That said, it is doable, and this sort of tension and struggle is often exactly what attracts you together in the first place. Capricorn women possess all of the reliability and responsible behavior that earth signs are known for which can balance out the impulsivity of forgetful Aries. All things considered, if a challenge is your idea of fun and fulfillment, this relationship can be very satisfying for both parties.

Basic Compatibility

Both Capricorn women and Aries men are born to lead and take distinct joy in the pursuit of someone who has caught their eye. They will never give up or submit, which can be annoying to some and endearing to others. The Capricorn woman differs from Aries due to her adherence to responsibilities and exercising control of herself. Aries is only dependable in the working environment, while Capricorns are reliable in every aspect of their lives. She has a general disdain for people who lack self-control and may find herself insulting the ram for his traits that make him wild and unpredictable. She is a pseudo-optimist in that she remains optimistic about her own exploits but due to a focus on cold, hard reality she is pessimistic in almost every other aspect. Unlike the Aries man, she is not aggressive and is more than happy to utilize her extensive knowledge and intelligence to win battles if she loses by other means. If you upset a Capricorn woman, expect grudges to be held but you need not worry about devious revenge plotting.

The Aries man is as independent as they come, thriving on the excitement of tackling challenges wherever they may be. He has the same raw ambition as Capricorn but is adamant about living life his way. He is highly extroverted, needing people around particularly to witness his exploits. He has no interest in relaxing at home like the sea-goat and instead prefers to wander. The ram functions best with a similarly independent woman as he hates clingy people, so the Capricorn woman is actually ideal for an Aries man.. Despite their tendency to butt heads, they, surprisingly, complement each other well otherwise. It will be up to the individual to decide if they can stand the endless contest for leadership in exchange for compatibility in love or friendship.

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Love And Relationships

Capricorn women are mildly introverted and traditional, which makes them rather picky with their friends and mates. They are unlikely to hang out with those who offend their sensibilities or who act contrary to their personal values. She is quick to inform of her disapproval and can be condescending at times, which doesn’t leave her particularly loved by her friend circle. On the plus side, she is reliable and extremely loyal and will never let you down. Aries men are more social and have no qualms about having a large variety of friends both similar to them and not. They value freedom so highly and pass on that same respect to those that meet, keeping their expectations and requirements relatively nonexistent. A love for fun that matches theirs will quickly launch his prospective acquaintance into treasured friend status.

Intimate relationships are where an Aries and Capricorn match truly burns brightest. Both signs have insatiable sex drives that few signs can hope to reach, let alone satisfy. The lack of mismatch in this aspect means everyone is happy inside the bedroom. This is very fortunate as the primal nature of the two signs means they are more than willing to part ways if the sex is not up to par. While it may seem harsh, the honest and upfront nature of Aries drives him to end relationships before he hurts his loved ones by cheating. The sea-goat and the ram are not particularly emotion-led people and can seem cold to others, but they suit each other just fine. The Capricorn woman is the more likely of the two to seem emotionally distant, but as they are both happily independent, it rarely presents much of a problem. Overall, their relationship will be intense, with rarely a dull moment when they are in a room together.

Working Together

Be prepared for some serious rifts when the two most ambitious signs of the zodiac must work together in the same workplace. Their constant drive to be number one leaves little room for cooperation, even when it involves their friend or partner. Whether together or apart, they excel as leaders but will rightly balk at being forced to mind someone they view as less able than them. Work will always be completed on time without question, and laziness will never rear its ugly head from either sign. While the Aries man is a likable asset to a team when no one is competing with him, the know-it-all attitude of the Capricorn woman can negatively affect morale. The Aries man and Capricorn woman may not get embroiled in the drama of others, but they can most certainly create their own drama between them if things get out of hand.

If the quiet life is your idea of a blissful relationship, run far away from this match. It is high-powered in every aspect, and the constant challenge is not for the faint of hard. The Capricorn woman and Aries man are always in it to win it, which can be quite the turn on for those who find themselves bored with passive partners. The abundance of similarities shared between the sea-goat and the ram mean things tend to go either extremely well or extremely poorly without much in-between. Go where your heart leads you in life and love as you never know if the adventure of a lifetime could be referring to your partner.

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