What’s Involved in a Professional Birth Chart Reading?

professional birth chart reading

Your natal chart maps the journey of the planets around the sun at the exact time of your birth. It is unique and will tell you information about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, the way you love, and even the right time for opportunities to arise. Chart interpretation can also give you great insight into your compatibility with others.

Schedule an astrological reading with one of our gifted readers who can help you learn more about your birth chart and gain clarity on your journey.

Below is a beginner’s guide to understanding a professional birth chart reading. Learn about the various planets and their meanings, and when you should get a reading to navigate your journey.

What is a Professional Birth Chart Reading?

Professional Birth Chart Reading

When astrologers look at a birth chart, they typically begin by observing the zodiac placements of each planet and the houses. Some other things they look for include:

  • Your Venus, Mars, and moon sign along with your house of love. This will tell them more about the way you love, your needs, and your intimacy.
  • The balance of elements (fire, water, earth, and air) in your chart.
  • If there is a concentration of one specific energy – the same zodiac placement is heavy in the chart or a “stellium” (three or more planets in one sign).
  • The balance of qualities in the chart – fixed, mutable, and cardinal signs.
  • The patterns formed by the planets. There are seven classic shapes in birth charts.

For the most accurate chart reading, you will need to know your exact birth time. 

The Aspects of Your Birth Chart

The planets in their respective zodiac placements can inform how you process the world, your opportunities for growth, and the best time to make big decisions. 

Sun Sign 

Your sun sign represents your core personality traits and how you see yourself. Determined by the month of your birth, this is also referred to as your star sign.


Your ascendant is your rising sign, and it is usually what people suspect is your sun sign since it symbolizes your outer self. 

Moon Sign

The placement of your moon sign will tell you more about your emotional side and how you react to things. It can often be confused with your sun sign because it reflects your subconscious side that you may keep hidden from others. 


Mercury is the planet of communication. It represents your intellectual side. This planetary placement will inform you about how you communicate with others – your strengths and areas you need to work on. 


Your approach to love (your love language) is determined by your Venus sign. It embodies your values and desires around love including intimacy, sex, and romance. Your Venus sign compatibility is strong when it matches your partner’s sun sign.


Your approach to life is shaped by your Mars sign. Your passion and excitement as well as your sexuality are often determined by this placement. How you process anger and aggression is also influenced by this sign.


Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth, and expansion. Observe which zodiac sign your Jupiter is in as it will tell you how you attract your desires more easily. It can indicate some of your personality strengths. 


Saturn influences your discipline and moral compass. How you handle authority, boundaries, and obligations can fall under your Saturn zodiac placement. 


Your zodiac placement in Uranus heavily shapes how you respond to change and upheaval. This planet is about innovation and unpredictability. 


Similar to Saturn and Uranus, Neptune can tell us how we may rebel against social norms and restrictions. This is more on the subconscious level – how we mentally respond to boundaries put in our way.


Pluto, like your moon sign, will shine a light on your subconscious. It is the planet of endings and new beginnings. It can give you insight into your spiritual growth. 

When Should You Get a Professional Birth Chart Reading?

The beginning of the calendar year is an excellent time to get a birth chart reading. The best time is around your birthday. Often the two months following your birth is your peak time. This is when you are most attractive to potential employers and partners. This period is a great time to start a new job or relationship. It is also an excellent time to make plans for the year ahead or make any big changes to your life.

The two months before your birthday is often when your energy is at your lowest. We advise that you not start a relationship then. You may wish to plant seeds during this time to grow over the coming months. Consider this a great time for reflection on the year and wrapping up the lessons you learned before stepping into your new chapter.
Learn more about astrology with KEEN. Our astrology blog covers the zodiac signs in planetary placements in great detail so you can better understand your birth chart. Book a reading with one of our top astrologers who can also explain your chart to you and don’t forget to read your daily horoscope for more insights.

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