4 Excuses to Get More Sunshine


Spring Equinox is near, and the warm spring sun beckons! If for some reason you needed an excuse to get more sunshine this season, we’ve got 4 incredible reasons to share with you (and for you to share with your boss, so he lets you out of the office early). 

1. Sunshine keeps you happy and healthy. When you’re inside, not only are you disconnected from the very natural environment you were born to be a part of, but you also are confined to a space that keeps you from moving your body and getting the exercise you need to stay healthy. Yeah, anyone can run on a treadmill at the gym, but why limit yourself from enjoying the glory of the outdoors? 

2. Sunshine is Skin Food. Vitamin D is essential in helping your body circulate toxins, and the main way you get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight. In conclusion, the sun benefits your complexion and tone and keeps you healthy. You should wear sunblock to protect from UV rays, but a little bit of sun exposure every day is great for your skin!

3. Sunshine Helps You Soak Up the ZZZs. Having trouble sleeping at night? It may be because you need more sun. Exposure to sunshine is what sets your internal clock, and you need it all day long to maintain it. Do your clock a favor and sync it up with those glorious rays, and get that much needed sleep. 

4. Sunshine Keeps You Sharp. Quick on the trigger. Nimble. On the beam. On top of your game. Sun exposure does wonders in helping you focus on, well, everything. The sun brightens up your vision and essentially makes your brain want to be put to work. It’s important to your mental capacity! 

As if you needed an excuse to get more sunshine, here are some additional reasons to make sure you get outside and enjoy a healthy and active life under the beautiful sun. Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and praise the golden goddess! 

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