How to Spot Your Sources of Negative Energy


As much as there is positive energy in the world around us, there is an unfortunate equal balance of negative energy.   In our lives, negativity comes in different forms – you can sense negativity in a particular space, situation, or person. Negativity is a barricade in the road of life. It drains your own energy, your time, and your spiritual well-being. We interact with energies, positive and negative, as we live in it. It can influence our thinking, our emotions, and effect even our physical health. If you don’t recognize where the negativity is coming from, you can get lost in it and become suffocated by its oppressive presence. 

We’re here to explain how you can spot the sources of negative energy in your life. When you find them, you can then effectively work on eliminating the sources from your life—or at least diminishing them. Follow the steps below:

1. Find Your Sacred Place. In order to recognize where negativity lies, you need to be completely honest with yourself—meaning, you may have to accept that you could be the source of the negativity around you. Keep an open-mind. If you are ready to take the step towards total positivity, you’ve already made a huge impact on where you go. Find your sacred space within your heart and soul where complete honesty reigns and your spirit can be free. 

2. Consider the Uncomfortable. Take a close look at your life. Think about your day-to-day activities. Think about the patterns you follow. Now consider the areas that are most uncomfortable to you. Is it the realm of career? Is it among certain relationships, or perhaps certain people? Does it involve money? There may be multiple areas that are uncomfortable, and that’s okay. When you’ve pinpointed these areas, you’re on your way to healing them. 

3. Trust in Happiness. Happiness—and being positive—takes courage. You need to let go of expectations in other areas, and you need to believe that being happy is attainable in all situations. If you found that your work is where most negativity lies, consider what in particular is going on in that arena. Do you have trouble getting along with coworkers? Release expectations of them, and think about how you can do work to better collaborate and coexist with them. Are you stressed about your performance? Focus on the good you do, your skills and what you bring to the table, and focus on growth and learning. This works in every area of life. When you rid yourself of expectations and focus on your own good, your own health, productivity, and happiness, you’ll find other areas will begin to clear of the negativity. 

While you can’t affect how others behave, or what will happen in any given day, what you can control is yourself and how you react to sources of negativity. Remember that like attracts like, and your recognition of negative will effectively help you bring positive light to that area. 

If you need more guidance to find the negativity in your life and help eliminate it, a KEEN Psychic will help lead you to where you want to be. 

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