Top 5 Benefits of a Spiritual Practice


Some people may easily be off put by the word or concept of spirituality, so a spiritual practice may not immediately seem like something for you. That’s where we’d say you’re wrong, and while it may sound strange right now, anyone can (and should) make a spiritual practice part of their life. 

To put it simply, a spiritual practice is a daily event with the sole purpose of grounding you. A spiritual practice helps define your authentic self by drawing you deeper into the person that you are, and the person that you want to be. With a daily spiritual practice, you are working towards connecting you with your divine self.

Perhaps your mind is still imagining things like linen pants, yoga mats or cushions, and prayer beads. All of these things are great, sure, but a spiritual practice might be anything from riding a bike, cooking, playing music, creating artwork, or gardening. The practice itself is limitless, but the focus of the mind is what is the most profound. The time you take every day to connect with yourself in a quality way is key.  

When you put your practice into practice, you are making the decision to do it daily, recognizing that it is essential to your daily routine. It will serve as a type of rock or pillar, reliable and steady in keeping you level-headed and clear.

Whether you need information as a little push to begin, or as affirmation of what you already have in play, here are the top 5 benefits of spiritual practice:

1. In a world of tasks and demands, your spiritual practice provides you peace and clarity. To clear the fog from the lens of your mind, you’ll be sharper and brighter than ever. 

2. While change can be a turbulent and terrifying thing for so many, your spiritual practice allows you to stay grounded and steady in change. Regardless of unforeseen circumstances thrown your way, your spiritual practice keeps you afloat and strong.    

3. Thanks to your spiritual practice, your emotions are no longer an enemy. Your spiritual practice keeps you even-keeled even in the most tumultuous of times. Your perspective is clear and broad, and you are able to ride your emotions like a glorious wave. 

4. When so many others focus on the downs and the negative shifts, your spiritual practice keeps you lifted higher than ever. Your spirits are sound and free, happy and healthy.  Joy comes abundantly. 

5. Often we get lost in the daily chaos, but your spiritual practice helps you connect and reveal to your true spirit. You’ll find your intuitive messages easier to identify and interpret. 

Ultimately, it takes courage to make room for your spiritual practice. By quieting the mind and deeply relaxing the body, you’ll experience deep states of inner peace, and ultimately, higher states of awareness and peace. 

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