Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Get Lucky!


Known for its spirited celebrations across the states, and perhaps more significantly for mischievous pinching, St. Patrick’s Day’s history is grounded in rich history. Aside from that though, it’s also a day celebrated by its symbols of luck like shamrocks and pots of gold. 

But luck isn’t found in a charm or a clover. It’s not something accidental. Your pot of gold is the outcome of following your path to success. Your path to your hopes and dreams is littered with luck and pots of gold, as long as you don’t get sidetracked and lose sight of your true path.

What is your lucky charm? What represents your pot of gold? Is it financial security? Success in your career? To be loved and accepted as you are? To have a happy, joyful life with your family? Maybe it’s all these things. Whatever your goal may be, keep the vision clear in your focus. When you have a direction, when you know what your dreams are, the reward is manifesting it. You’ll be lucky along the way, and you’ll reach that pot of gold.

Of course life gets chaotic, this isn’t something to be dismissed completely. However, you must remember that your focus is towards your goals. This way, life’s responsibilities or opinions of others will have difficulty bringing us down. If you ever do get sidetracked, the incredible thing about your life and your free will is that you can always get right back on, and it’s never too late to do so. You can swiftly clear your perspective and change your circumstances. Realizing all this is the key to success, joy, and happiness.

While dealing with others and the ups-and-downs of life can be hectic or confusing, don’t ever lose sight of who you are. Listen to your inner voice. Believe that that pot of gold is within you—it’s at the end of your path. And guess what? Your path is filled with luck and wonder. Just be true to your hopes and dreams, and be true to you.

If you’re having trouble uncovering your inner voice, or you’re finding it difficult to get back on track, a KEEN Advisor can help you discover your direction. They’re the best guide along this journey when you need one. 

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