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Here at Keen, we like to give back to our customers!

We value having you as a customer, and so we want to make sure that we provide you the best value possible through our special offers.

Looking for an Offer?

Are you looking for a deal? Do you like getting money back?

Promotions are sent out to customers periodically throughout the month to their Keen account. To be able to use towards a call or chat with their favorite advisor.

Types of Promotions

  • Get $ Free $ – Receive a complimentary credit from us.
  • Add $ Gets $ – Add a certain dollar amount to your account, and we’ll add an additional credit to your account.

Be sure you’re enrolled in receiving emails about our offers and updates by logging into your Keen account and going to personal information and clicking on notifications.

How Do I Redeem a Promotion?

  1. On your Keen account, your offer will be displayed on the top banner with a “Redeem Now” button. Click on the button and follow the steps to redeem your promotional offer.
  2. Login and click on the Special Offers tab there you will see the available offer, please click the “Redeem Now” button, and follow the steps to redeem your promotional offer. 

Please note funds must be added to your account via the steps from the “Redeem Now” button for promotional funds to be properly applied to your account.

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