Top 3 Dos and Don’ts: Mercury Retrograde OCT 4 – OCT 25


It’s here.  The evil plot of the planetary cosmos arrives October 3rd and lasts until October 25th.  Mercury is in retrograde, and that means there are significant implications for all signs.  There’s no need to panic.  We’ve compiled a list fo Mercury Retrograde Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you maintain a smooth and pain-free month, and also gain some insight that’ll surely provide clarity during this time.

Do & Don’t #1

DO take time to negotiate, meditate, and reassess verbal agreements or contracts.  Use this time to reconsider big decisions in your life.  How are things going with your significant other?  Are you happy and fulfilled in your current job?  Reevaluate important issues in your life.

DON’T make any life altering decisions during this cycle.  Whether you’re considering leaving your job, or perhaps you’re thinking about breaking up with your partner, acting on a big decision like this during Mercury retrograde has a waffling effect.  Whatever you’re thinking about doing, don’t sign any contracts, don’t make any verbal agreements, and if you really want to break up with your partner, wait until Mercury is direct.

Do & Don’t #2

DO complete past projects.  Mercury retrograde is a great time to buckle down on any incomplete projects you may have started.  Whatever you had going on previously, double-down on your focus and energy, polish up complete any existing projects.

DON’T initiate new projects.  Whatever it may be, no matter how important it may seem, it can wait.  Really.  As Mercury treks backwards, the probability rises of you missing crucial information in whatever you may be considering.

Do & Don’t #3

DO expect interruptions and difficulties.  The key to overcoming this is preparation and patience!  Knowing the potential for mishaps and snafus, be thorough in your preparation and double-check everything.  Going on a trip?  Make sure your baggage has everything you need – and then check it again.

DON’T hide in a cave!  You’re going to make it, we swear!  Don’t cancel any plans because of a fear of mishaps.  Try to roll with it, and make sure you’re prepared for anything.  Anticipation of what’s to come should empower you to deal with whatever Mercury may throw at you, and maybe bring a smile to your face!

While Mercury retrograde cycles may seem like a terrifyingly frustrating time, embrace the opportunity to take a moment to gain a new perspective – into old feelings, desires, losses, and times gone by.  Going against the flow will only cause you to experience more stress, so recognize what is to come and let that information make you stronger.

Let’s take a moment to thank Mercury, as this retrograde surely promises rebirth, reconnections, reunions, and new beginnings.

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