What Uranus at Opposition Means for You – OCT 7, 2014


Beginning today, Uranus will be at it’s closest approach to the Earth.  The Sun will lend it’s fiery hand to fully illuminate the face of the blue-green planet, making it the best time to take a gander at Uranus through a powerful telescope.  (Hmmm, I think ours is here somewhere in the KEEN HQ closet…)

Due to the inherent erratic tendencies of this cycle, it’s best to recognize the votality that can emerge.  While Uranus is at oppositon, do your best to liberate yourself from expected outcomes of your actions.  Instability is favored in these conditions, so a swift turn in fortune may suddenly change the course of your life in an instant.  Be connizant of the powers around you, and focus your mind on finding (and keeping!) objectivity.

Your ability to achieve objectivity during this time will allow you to have a clear focus and perspective of any issues that lie before you.  If you fidn any trouble in overcoming personal insecurities or find other hurdles in your way toward finding a clear vision, you can speak to a trusted KEEN advisor that can help you find your way.

Also use this time to assert your eccentricity and demonstrate parts of yourself that you typically keep hidden.  Conditions favor being innovative and creative, so don’t be afraid to reveal parts of your true self.  While others may find your exhibition to be unacceptable, you’ll find that trying to maintain a false perception of yourself may force you to act out of character.  Embrace your original self and let it shine while Uranus disrupts and changes the status quo.

Uranus at opposition may be an unsettling time – if you’re unprepared.  Clasp its energy and let it free you from your everyday routine.  Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things!  If you need more guidance, remember that there is always an advisor ready to help you.

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