Why You Need to Stop Playing ‘Test the Psychic’

Sure, an accurate psychic is important. No one is denying that. However, if you keep beginning your psychic reading with questions playing “test the psychic,” you’re going to be disappointed. 

Nobody wins when a client begins a psychic reading without an honest intention. No one benefits from “test the psychic” questions. In fact, if you believe a psychic advisor knowing what color your car is, or what he/she looks like, or even the answer to “how many fingers am I holding up,” you’re going to have a bad time. 

A psychic reading goes so far beyond accuracy in details. It’s about empowerment and lighting your journey to a more positive future. What good is it if someone answers what color your car is? Does that benefit you? The most important part of a psychic reading is being open and honest, and encountering a psychic advisor that is open and honest with you. Your connection should be the most important part of the reading in order for you to get the most out of it.  

The most important things to look for when a reading begins is whether or not you sense a good connection with the advisor you’ve chosen. Do you sense a good energy flowing between you and the psychic advisor? Be open to the possibilities of a reading, be specific with your questioning, and be clear in your heart and mind. You’ll know if the advisor is right for you if you’re entering the reading with an open mind and open heart. 

Also keep in mind that before a reading, it’s important you’re feeling grounded. Your emotions shouldn’t be all over the place, and you shouldn’t be angry and looking for a place to release your anger. Anxiety, stress, crying, or other negative energies will block you from receiving a good reading. 

Psychic advisors on KEEN, and anywhere else for that matter, work best when they share their gifts the way they see them. Gifts can vary so greatly and every advisor works different, with different methods. Some ask questions, others don’t. Some use tools like Tarot cards or stones, and some work without any tools at all. To get to know a little bit about your advisor before a reading, you can read their profile on KEEN and also read their feedback to find out how they work, and determine if they’re the right fit for you. A psychic reading can be an incredibly intense experience, and it’s very important that you’re in a place of peace, openness, and honesty to receive the best outcome from your reading. So, stop playing ‘test the psychic,’ and allow yourself to move forward on your path with the positive guidance from a trusted, gifted intuitive advisor on KEEN.

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