Smartphones Make Getting Online Psychic Readings Easier Than Ever

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Hundreds of years ago, if you said that you held in your hand a device that had all the answers—to any question, like “How old is the universe?”—you would have been thought a madman or a witch. Even 20 years ago, the thought would have been absurd. Now, of course, we can pull up that information within seconds (14 billion years, in case you were wondering).

With such an endless fountain of knowledge, some people might believe that spiritual advice is no longer important. After all, we have all the information that we need in our pockets. But there is still a need for a deeper wisdom, to find meaning in the information and in our lives. That’s something spiritual advisors like psychics and Tarot readers can help with, and interestingly, these mediums have adapted to new technology so they can continue to do just that.

How Psychics Have Adapted to the Smartphone Revolution

Spiritual advisors have always been at the forefront of communication technology. After all, if there is no receptor for the message, the medium isn’t being put to good use. Imagine a TV screen bluely blaring test patterns into an empty room forever. It’s the same thing.

For years—for centuries—communication had to be direct and face-to-face. Large cities would have permanent fixtures for spiritual advisors to see clients, but that wouldn’t work for smaller or more rural areas. Spiritualists would go from town to town, from village to village, and from farm to farm. If you needed them in between, you were out of luck. Given the demands of travel and harvest, you might miss a spiritual advisor for years, if not your whole life.

That’s why smartphones and other technology have been so important in allowing spiritual advisors to connect with people from anywhere. After all, just like in the old days, not every city or town has an advisor living in it. Now, when you need guidance, you can call a psychic or a Tarot reader no matter where you’re located. If you don’t want to call, you can chat—all you need is internet access.

Some may argue that the internet and smartphones increase the likelihood of getting bad or fake advice. In some rare cases, that may be true. That’s why it’s important to use a service like that vets its advisors to ensure you will be getting true, honest advice from any intuitive you call or chat. The internet helps you connect with an advisor that you can know and trust, and continue receiving advice from, like Marla Lovelane, who has developed deep relationships with many of her clients. This is a vast improvement over hoping that the next cart that rolled into town had a quality astrologer in it.

Some may also ask: “Is there a difference in my reading if it’s done over the phone or on chat versus in-person? Is a face-to-face reading more accurate than an online psychic reading?” You might be surprised to learn that many advisors at prefer to do their readings over the phone, and find they can give more truthful and accurate readings this way. Why? Because people have a tendency to be more open and honest with their advisor if they aren’t sitting face-to-face. When we don’t have to look someone in the eye when we talk about our life or problems, we aren’t as embarrassed to give honest answers and information. That’s why the chat feature at is so popular—many people who are shy or afraid to actually talk about their problem or life with another individual find it’s easier to open up if all they need to do is type. The more open and honest you are with your advisor, the more telling and truthful the reading will be. With today’s technology, there are many avenues to do that.

It’s also worth mentioning that the era of information can help you learn more about the nature of Tarot, astrology, and more so that you better understand the information you receive from an advisor. It’s easy to see: Technology enhances communication, knowledge, and awareness of ourselves.

Smart Phones, Smarter People

Communication technology is amazing, a secular miracle, and one that can bring people together from across the world. That’s been the heart of the information revolution: making true connections. That’s the heart of spiritual wisdom, as well: connecting with an advisor, opening yourself up to the world beyond your eyes, and getting to your truth.

In a time when we are bombarded with facts, information and communication, we need guidance to make sense of it all. We need people who can help us navigate confusing currents. We are living in a time unmatched in human history. You can communicate with someone a world away, but still be sitting in traffic. It’s a time of uncertainty and confusion, with limitless possibilities, for both good and ill. People aren’t comforted by our technology. We are scared of our dependence on it.

With a qualified and compassionate spiritual advisor, you can get help navigating these swirling and treacherous currents. You can open your heart to a new experience, new love, or a new way of seeing the world. It’s a mediation between you and the modern world, and a hand to hold through it. The wisdom that is passed down is smarter and deeper than a smartphone. It is a truth.

If you need to connect with a spiritual advisor for answers about any aspect of your life, call or chat with an advisor on or on the Keen app!

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