Survival Tips for Mercury Rx in Virgo – August 2016

Survival Tips for Mercury Rx in Virgo

You know it’s coming, so it’s time to get prepared. Mercury Retrograde is headed our way and will grace us with all its wacky, destructive, and disorderly glory. If you’re reading this, that’s the first step, as knowing is half the battle. Let’s be diligent, and not only prepare ourselves to survive this cycle, but thrive in spite of it. 

Mercury, the Roman name of the Roman Messenger God, is responsible for all things communication. You hear it every single cycle, because this is the area that’s hit hardest. Before Mercury goes retrograde, it’s a good idea to prepare for any potential inconvenience. So, here are some basic tips to help you get through this cycle unscathed. 

1. Know When It’s Coming

This current cycle will occur beginning August 30th and will return to its regular orbit on September 22nd. 

Put these dates on your calendar or in your planner. Also add a reminder a week before the timeframe that Mercury is in retrograde. This will give you time to prepare for what might happen.

2. Declutter and Finish Projects

Have you been setting aside certain projects for a while? Do your best to complete any unfinished work before entering into a Mercury retrograde cycle. 

3. Back Up Your Work

Diligence is the name of the game, and you should be extra cautious when it comes to saving work and backing it up in a different place. Digital or paper, make extra copies of everything and save them in different places. Print, email, flash drive, hard drive, or external hard drive—use these outlets in your favor. 

4. Communicate Clearly

As always, clear communication is key. Give yourself extra time to think about messages you write or speak, be thoughtful, as communication has a tendency to be misconstrued and cause unnecessary frustration during Merc Rx. Check your writing twice before sending an email, especially if it’s an important message. Make sure that you have included the most important points in as clear language as possible.

Internalizing these basic tips and making them a part of your regular daily practice will help you smooth any unintended consequences of Mercury Rx in Virgo. As we mentioned before, knowing is half the battle. Anticipating and working with Mercury can instead turn an inconvenience into an advantage. Remember, there’s no need to go into hiding. Work with the energy. Journal, meditate, slow down and spend more time alone and outdoors to ground and protect your energy—and of course, Keen advisors are always here to help guide you. 

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