What is an Aura? Understanding the Human Energy Field

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Renee was a client who came to me for help in dealing with her autistic son. Eddie was six years old, and not very verbal. Understandably, Renee was concerned about being able to communicate with him, especially now that he was getting a bit older. She spent a lot of time trying to understand his needs. In one session she revealed that she thought she had seen Eddie’s aura—though she wasn’t sure what an aura was.

“I keep seeing a green color around his head,” Renee said. “What is that about? Is that his aura? What does the color mean?”

“Congratulations!” I told her. “You are having the wonderful experience of seeing your son’s energy field. Likely it’s because you are so attuned to him, if you’ve not seen other auras before. This might be a great way for you to understand his moods, since he can’t always communicate them.”

Renee was a little freaked out by suddenly being able to perceive Eddie’s energy field, but she realized that it was an amazing gift, once I explained to her what she was seeing.

What is the Aura?

The aura, or human energy field, is like a bubble of energy that surrounds every living thing. Plants, animals, even the earth can be said to have an energy field. However, the human system is specific to our species and affects how we incarnate and perceive life. Though there are variations in terminology and the perceived anatomy of the field, essentially most spiritual traditions agree that such a field exists.

The field both influences and responds to the physical body. Thought forms, past life attachments, astral objects—all of these things can reside within the energy field, and affect how a person functions. If distortions are strong enough for long enough, physical disease can arise. Energy healers and some psychics can read the field, detect these distortions, and also see events that are in the potential phase before they manifest into physical existence.

The color of the aura is impacted by health—both physical and mental—what we are experiencing in the moment, and how we “run” our energy most of the time. Drug use, trauma, prayer, and healing work can all change the substance of the aura for better or worse. What we spend our time thinking about, viewing, doing, and believing all have an impact on the quality of our aura.

Our aura is part of our energetic signature, a source of energy, and contains information about our life plan for this incarnation.

Anatomy of the Energy Field

The personal aura consists of seven layers, one that corresponds to each chakra. Each layer governs a different aspect of life and overall health. Typically, when people see colors, they are seeing either the fourth or second layers of the field, which is where distinct colors are most manifest. Let’s take a look at each level, and how it relates to our lives.

First Level. This is also called the Etheric body. It consists of a fine mesh of blue or gray light—almost a web-like structure—that exactly mimics the physical body, including organs. Some healers, like Barbara Brennan, believe that the Etheric body literally supports the physical; it is the matrix upon which our bodies manifest and grow. It corresponds to the first chakra, and both are associated with our physical groundedness, will to live, ability to thrive, and basic survival issues.

Second Level. This is the Emotional body, associated with feelings. The structure is fluid and full of colored clouds of light. Usually, it is perceived about three inches away from the physical body. Colors here reflect mood. For example, the green light Renee saw in her son’s aura shows loving, joyful, or playful feelings. The second chakra is related to this level and governs sexuality, giving and receiving pleasure, and self-love.

Third Level. The third layer is the Mental body. This layer is also structured, like the first, but vibrating at a faster level. Usually, clairvoyants will see this level as a pulsating yellow light. The third level contains the structure of our thoughts and ideas. The third chakra is related to this layer, governing our perception of power, will, and knowledge of our place in the universe.

Fourth Level. Also known as the Astral body, this layer is also filled with colored light but more vivid than that of the second level. It extends about a foot from the body. Much of the energetic activity between people takes place from this level. Energetic objects from past lives can exist at this level of the field. The fourth chakra governs our openness to life and how we love, and also serves as a bridge from the lower to upper chakras.

Fifth Level. Called the Etheric template, this is another structured layer. Barbara Brennan defines this level as “creating an empty or negative space in which the first level of the aura can exist.”¹ This level is often the hardest for people to wrap their head around, but it is essentially like a photographic negative of the first level. It’s the layer where sound creates matter, and as such corresponds to the fifth chakra of communication. In my experience, this is the level where spiritual surgery takes place, which in turn affects the physical body and first level.

Sixth Level. The Celestial body is where the spiritual dimension of emotions exist. It extends about two feet from the body and is full of opalescent, pastel light. This is the level of spiritual ecstasy, oneness with spirit, and other transformative states. The sixth chakra, related to this level, is our portal to unconditional love and also clairvoyant vision.

Seventh Level. This is the Causal body and the mental level of the spiritual plane. The outer form of it defines the aura and contains all the other levels. It is like a golden web of light, containing a template of the chakras and the body. Some mystics say this is where the energetic vertical power current is contained, which runs up and down the spine. The associated seventh chakra is the seat of our divine wisdom, our experiential connection to our spirituality.

The Importance of Working with the Aura

We’ve just scratched the surface of what comprises the human energy field. Because of its direct correlation to any type of illness or malfunction of the body, spirit, or mind, it is crucial to work with the aura for optimum wellness. Energy medicine exists in many forms, from Reiki to Brennan Science to shamanic healing. Psychics and energetic practitioners can help us realize how our negative thoughts and actions are impacting our aura. Understanding your own aura (or that of others) can help heal disease before it manifests in the physical, or transform emotional wounds.

Curious about your aura or energetic signature? Call an advisor on Keen today, and gain insight and information into the personal, invaluable resource of your energy field.


¹Brennan, Barbara. Hands of Light, 1987, Bantam Books. pp. 52

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