7 Things to Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading

Psychic advisors aren’t magicians or mind readers. They can’t tell you what you ate for breakfast, what color your car is, and no… they can’t pick winning lottery numbers. That’s not how psychics work!

The word “psychic” is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of abilities that are inexplicable by natural laws. Abilities such as mediumship, clairvoyance, and clairaudience are just a few examples. Psychics generally receiving information through hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling, or seeing, and are able to relay that information they receive back to the seeker to help answer questions. They pick up on energies and are able to use the details they receive to uncover and make sense of the larger picture for you. Here are some additional tips to help you set realistic expectations before a reading, and an article delving into more detail about how psychic ability works, but it’s also important that you understand the following 7 tips before you talk to a psychic. 

1. Don’t Test Your Psychic

While you may want to know if your psychic is legit, don’t test him or her by asking random questions that have nothing to do with your reading. No, your psychic won’t know what you had for breakfast, what you’re wearing, or your dog’s name. Don’t waste your time—or your psychic’s time—with nonsensical questions. 

2. Be Cautious of Fraud

Unfortunately, there are bad psychics out there that give the good ones a bad name. Keep in mind that a true psychic will never ask you for money to remove a curse or displace negative energy.

3. Do Your Research

Just like you wouldn’t randomly choose a hotel to stay at when planning a vacation, you don’t want to pick the first psychic who catches your eye. When choosing a psychic, take time to think exactly why you are seeking spiritual advice, set realistic expectations, and browse Keen listings and read profiles and reviews to find the best psychic for you, whether you’re looking for the best psychic mediums, a tarot card reading, love advice, or more,

4. Expect Honesty

A real psychic isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear, rather they will tell you what you need to hear. Don’t expect sugar coated advice or a sympathetic ear from a psychic, but remember, that’s not going to help you anyways! The difficult answers are what will help you grow and change.

5. Remember You Have Free Will

A psychic may tell you what your potential path is, but it’s up to you to follow it. Only you have the power to control your own destiny.

6. Prepare For Your Reading

Before you talk to a psychic, prepare for your reading by making a list of questions. The best type of questions to ask a spiritual advisor are not passive, restrictive, or looking for reassurance. So, for example, avoid questions such as:

Will I leave my job?

Should I get divorced?

Where will I find my success? 

Instead, ask questions such as: 

What can I do to be more successful in my life?

Why is my marriage suffering?

What can I do to attain my goals? 

7. Get The Most Out Of Your Reading

Now that you’ve done all your research and wrote out all of your questions, here are some tips to get the most out of your psychic reading

Find your center: Clear your mind and become present in the moment. Take a few minutes to meditate before your session by taking some deep breaths in a calm, quiet environment. A psychic is great at reading energy, so you want to make sure yours is calm and not chaotic. 

Pay attention—but also take notes: It’s obvious that you need to listen during your reading, but taking notes can help you remember the intel that your psychic shared with you after your reading. It will also bring to surface the questions that you may have forgotten to ask or things you need more clarification on for next time. 

Provide feedback: Just because your psychic is the expert doesn’t mean you can’t put in your two cents. Perhaps you want to move on from one subject to another—just tell them! Just make sure to do it in a polite manner. At the conclusion of your reading, don’t forget to thank your advisor and provide any additional notes or feedback. Remember, to get the most out of each session, you have to have a strong connection and be on the same page. 

Keep an open mind: The best thing you can do during a session is to keep an open mind. Finding the right connection with an advisor requires open energy. While each psychic has his or her own approach, understand that a successful reading begins with you. 

Keep in mind that when you call an advisor on Keen, the reading is all about you. By being present and taking an active role in the experience, you’ll find the strength of your connection will rise. So get prepared, find your center, and enjoy your next reading on Keen!

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