What it Means to Be a Sagittarius

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Sagittarius men and women are the wild children of the zodiac. Regardless of age, background, or experiences, you will always find them with a zest for life and a curiosity level that resembles that of the young. If you count yourself among the ranks of the Sagittarius-born, you likely are humorous, straightforward, and always bearing a smile. The mood of the archer is one thing that is near impossible to bring down, for if there is a good time to be found, you will find it or make one yourself.

If there were one word to describe you as a Sagittarius, it would be open. As an archer, the world is an adventure comprised of many doors, and you wish to open and explore it all. It’s a Sagittarius thing. You have a true love for the world that keeps you from enjoying extensive time spent lounging around at home. There is always something to see, do, or experience and the multitude of people you meet along the way thrills you. You are a mutable element and change is not only welcomed, but desired. The fire that burns inside of you powers you through the excitement of life, and this raw energy is what it means to be a Sagittarius.

Mythology And Facts About The Idealistic Sagittarius

The birthday of a Sagittarius-born will always fall between November 22nd and December 21st. As a beloved archer, you will join the ranks of others who chased their dreams and adventures, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Taylor Swift, and Brad Pitt. It is impossible to deny that each of those mentioned gladly takes center stage and wow others with their energy, humor, and skills.

Sagittarius are known to be compassionate, and the Greek myth references this. Though there are often conflicts between whether Sagittarius is represented in myth by a famous centaur or a famous satyr, their traits remain the same. Both centaurs and satyrs in mythology were wild, adventurous creatures that are prone to lust and even mischief at times. Your average Sagittarius reflects that description well, with an added bonus that will be discovered in the story of the myth below. In the Greek myth, Chiron was one of the many centaurs but a standout above all others.

He was extensively skilled in music, archery, and a host of other activities. Instead of fully giving in to the characteristic wildness of the centaurs, he was friendly with humans and a master of the healing arts as well as a teacher. He trained many famous Greek heroes and gods, including Hercules and Achilles. Sadly, one day his rambunctious centaur brethren stole the wine of Hercules and the hero went after them with poisoned arrows. Chiron was accidentally shot and heavily wounded.

While immortal, he could never die but even his great skill at medicine did not allow him to heal himself. Hercules was devastated at his accidental assault of his own teacher and friend and vowed to help him end his suffering. He offered a trading of places: Chiron taking the place of Prometheus, the titan forever punished for giving man fire. Chiron agreed, lost his immortality, and was allowed to die in peace, while Prometheus gained freedom from the eternal torment Zeus sentenced him to. Zeus saw the compassion and kindness Chiron displayed and granted him the constellation in the sky in recognition.

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Sagittarius Traits And Behaviors

Sagittarius men and women are honest, freedom-loving, and fun-seeking individuals that will stand out in a crowd of other zodiac signs. You don’t crave the attention, but your endlessly upbeat nature will bring it every single time. You have a level of honesty that can be both refreshing and frustrating depending on the situation. You don’t dress up your words or consider ways to say things and soften blows. Instead, you say what it is truthful and on your mind at the exact moment it hits. You present yourself to the world and potential partners as-is and loathe those who change themselves to fit someone else’s perfect ideal. Optimism courses through your veins at all times, and it is nearly impossible to keep you from waking up with a smile on a daily basis.

Freedom is one thing you value highly, often above all others. Dependent people and clingy relationships will quickly send you running in the other direction. You can struggle with commitment at times, primarily out of an inner fear of loss of the freedom you enjoy so much. Bonding emotionally with certain signs may be a challenge but you hold nothing back, not even feelings. You strive to be clear and direct in all your dealings and don’t aim to leave people guessing what is on your mind or in your heart. Most of all, you live life in the fast lane and slow down for nothing and no one else. A partner’s best chance at catching and holding your attention is to match your speed and prove that he or she will gladly enjoy the wild life at your side. Your appetites are bottomless for fun, the outdoors, traveling, sex, and life’s many thrills.

Sagittarius Guidance And Needs

Sagittarius could benefit most from realizing the change in others for you is not always such a bad thing. You are a mutable sign yourself, and you should take it as a sign of devotion if someone who loves you decides to make changes to share a life with you. Make sure you are viewing your loved ones as friends first and partners for your many escapades second. It can be easy to allow them to slip into an almost neglected position if their ability to excite you or their free time to join you begins to dry up. As for your karmic partner, it is a Gemini woman or man. Geminis are just as mutable and prone to change as you but thrilled more by people than the world. There is no risk of a clingy Gemini man or woman being one that wishes to guide your every move and so they can be the ideal fit. Other possible options are Aries and Libra, who will both share your desires for fun.

The archers of the zodiac only know one speed: fast. They have enough enthusiasm and optimism to share with the entire world, and still have some leftover. Sagittarius-born mean what they say, so if you hear a long-sought I love you, you can count it as truth from the sign who hides nothing. The extremely playful, humorous, and curious nature of the archer is certainly not for everyone, but for those who enjoy it there will be enough laughter and smiles to fill your days. Sagittarius men and women are raw energy in human form, and must be respected for what they are. We hope this article gave you a glimpse into the world of the average Sagittarius, but of course everyone is different.

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