How Does Psychic Ability Work?

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“You are a natural teacher, and you have the ability to explain things so that others understand. But you probably won’t be a teacher in the conventional sense.” 

This was something a psychic told me once, and at the time, I thought the information was off. But as it turns out, I do teach my clients about psychic ability, astrology—whatever they’ve come to me for! And I never have taught school or even classes—my teaching is all a by-product of my one-on-one work.

Another psychic told me that I would make money through my art. Again, at the time, I wasn’t an “artist.” But my art is my work—my psychic work. And now this is how I make my living.

When I got these readings, I didn’t really know how the readers were getting this information, and it fueled my interest and curiosity. Have you ever wondered how psychics see things? Or how it is possible to “know” something about a total stranger? Or if psychic ability is even real?

While psychic ability and intuition are available to us all, some people are born with natural gifts or talents. Most psychics report having some kind of “paranormal” skills in childhood that they choose to practice and develop. Some learn through trying different tools, like astrology or Tarot, while others just find themselves falling into an advisor role over time. Maybe they are the family member that can communicate with pets or know what everyone else is feeling. Or they are the go-to friend that always seems to offer the best advice.

Psychic ability is like a muscle; it gets stronger and more nuanced the more you use it.

Most psychic abilities fall into four different categories:

  • Clairvoyance: Seeing information in the mind’s eye
  • Clairaudience: Hearing information, usually inside one’s mind
  • Clairsentience: Feeling with the body, or “gut” instincts, sensing the emotions of others
  • Claircognizance: Knowing information—like an instant download that doesn’t come through any physical senses

Many psychics use a combination of these abilities when accessing information for a client. For example, if you ask a question about a career change, your advisor may get a picture in their mind that shows you doing a certain type of work and also an emotion that accompanies the vision. Or, they may hear the words, “It’s not the right time to make a change” and see a symbol of why that is the case. 

Where Does the Information Come From?

Science has proven there is a common, unified field that all energy shares. We are made up of energy, and so are our thoughts, feelings, and everything else around us. We also know, through science and mathematics, that different dimensions exist. We occupy the third dimension. The fourth, fifth, and dimensions beyond contain worlds of information and energy that we can’t see with our physical eyes (usually), but we can access them using psychic ability. 

If you, as a client, are currently trying to manifest something, or you spend a lot of time thinking a particular thought or feeling a particular feeling, that energy will be in your energy field, or aura. Psychics can read your field and see whether a particular idea or event is getting ready to come into physical being.

Some intuitives access the Akashic Records—the vast fifth-dimensional database of all souls’ choices. This is where past life information is stored. Usually, this is done through clairvoyance or claircognizance.

Still other psychics may channel your spirit guides, angels, or a particular guide or guide team. These beings exist on other dimensions and have access to wisdom and understanding from divine sources. Well-known examples of channeling would include Esther Hicks and “Abraham,” Jane Roberts and “Seth”, or even the Course in Miracles

Psychics may rely on their “clair” of choice, or they may use tools such as Tarot cards, runes, the I Ching, astrology, or palmistry to read and organize intuitive information. Many psychics use several methods, depending on the question, the client, or how they are guided to access information from their guides.

What Can a Psychic Actually Predict or Know?

Popular culture has led us to believe that psychics can nail the future down and then deliver a tidy package of predictions so that you know exactly when and how things will happen.

But then, what about your free will? Is the future really set in stone, such that someone can “read” what’s in store, whether you like it or not?

Of course not! Thank goodness…you have a tremendous amount of choice and free will in your life. You are making choices or living out the outcomes of choices that your soul has made in a past life or the present. A fixed future doesn’t exist. Therefore, no one can tell you exactly what your future is.

The timing of events is similar—it’s very hard to pin down because you are constantly making new decisions that affect outcomes. Also, time is a third-dimensional concept that doesn’t apply in other dimensions. So, information coming from those other dimensions is hard to exactly plug into our linear perception of time.

What psychics can do is tell you about possibilities. They can see what is coming close to manifestation for you. They can sense the wisdom of a range of choices. A psychic can help you understand current karmic conditions, read into the energy of your relationships, or look at the likely outcomes of potential choices.

Your life is like a brilliant, constantly shifting kaleidoscope—and that’s a beautiful thing! Look to your psychic advisor to help you make the most informed, aligned choices you can, but don’t expect them to predict your future or make your decisions for you.

If you are curious about how a psychic does their work, why not spend a little time with an advisor on Keen? Approach the experience in the spirit of co-creation and fun and, as the reading unfolds, don’t be afraid to ask them how their psychic ability works. If you are receptive, the possibilities to grow are endless.

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