Spring is in the air and in our hearts! If you’re cleaning out your closets to freshen up home, consider the type of cleaning that will renew your relationship. Where in your relationships can you use a little spring cleaning? Here are some ideas for spring cleaning your relationship.

1. Clear the air. Are there any conversations you have been avoiding, or arguments that have come up a few times? Schedule a time for a heart-to-heart. Shine the sunlight on issues that are becoming problematic, such as financial strain.

2. Make room for new experiences. Look at your calendar of commitments. Do you need to free up one night a week as a couple or as a family? Make time and be open to new experiences. They’ll expand your horizons and enhance your relationship all-around.  

3. Dust it off and unload past hurts. Tell your partner you want to move past these things, but you’d like to share your feelings about why these incidents hurt you. After doing this, commit to truly letting go of resentment. Allow yourself time to see that your partner is different today. Give your spouse the opportunity to apologize and make things right. Forgiving and moving on is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and your relationship. While it’s important to give voice to your hurts, you have to be willing to stop bringing them up once you’ve worked through them with your partner. Consider it old baggage, and haul it away. Start fresh.

4. Focus on Self-Maintenance. A healthy relationship can only work if you’re in the best shape mentally, physically, and spiritually. You need maintenance like any living thing, so do yourself a favor and focus on cleaning you. Consider updating your hair, makeup or wardrobe if it’s gotten lax. Pack away the flannel PJs for next winter. Prepare and eat healthy meals that leave you feeling energetic not bogged down. Enjoy the confidence that the shiny new you brings.

Just like we can’t clean our houses once in the spring then forget about it (despite how much we wish we could) we have to work on keeping our relationships renewed and fresh. Find something new and exciting to do this month, and get it on the calendar. And repeat the above steps as needed.