Valentine’s Day is For Lovers


Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Not just long-term or romantic lovers. It’s not just for the casual lovers, either. Valentine’s Day is for love in all of its forms, for anyone who chooses to embrace it. 

It’s such a common narrative—the individual who finds themselves alone on Valentine’s Day, left to struggle with their pas hurts, grief, and even feelings of inadequacy. Recognize that even while we’re all bombarded with images of hearts and starry-eyed couples, your true identity isn’t defined by your relationship status. Your worth comes from within and is singularly dependent on you as an individual. Your worth doesn’t come from who you’re with romantically, or whether you’re with anyone at all!

So, whether you’re with someone or not, let’s consider that Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Take back the narrative from the commercially driven day and focus on the people in your life that matter most to you. Think about your friendships, your family, and even others around you that you don’t know. Consider the special things you can do for the significant people in your life to make them feel loved and make them feel special. Give a call to your mom or dad, maybe get them a little gift to remind them that you care. Maybe you have kids, and maybe they would love receiving flowers just as much as any lover would. Perhaps you can devote some time to charitable giving, helping at your local shelter or giving to those in need. These random acts of kindness are powerful in bringing a tremendous sense of well-being and happiness to your life. 

To all our readers who find themselves struggling on Valentine’s Day, tell yourself that Valentine’s Day is for everyone! Make an effort to spend time with family members or some friends, people who you can spend some positive, loving experiences with. Make it a time to focus on the things that you have—a bounty of love, friendship, health, and support, rather than the things you don’t have. Make a new tradition! Throw a dance party, host a dinner, bake some sweet confections and share them with your neighbors or family. And remember, you are perfectly capable of buying a delicious box of chocolates on your own, for yourself, because Valentine’s Day is for those who love

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