Top 3 Myths About Psychics – DEBUNKED!

psychicmyths.pngAlmost everyone has some familiarity with the term ‘psychic,’ but not everyone understands how a psychic actually works and functions. There are endless misconceptions about psychics—and these misconceptions lead to unrealistic expectations during a reading, resulting in a poor experience all around.

Recognizing the gift a psychic advisor has is an integral part of how you’ll experience and feel about your reading. While a psychic is a skilled, intuitive, and empathetic reader, here are the top 3 myths about them –debunked!

DEBUNKED Myth #1: Psychics Can See the Future

This is where some of you may be thinking, “Huh? Isn’t that what a psychic is supposed to do?” Nope! Well, not in the way you think.

A psychic advisor has the ability to tune into your energy—they are able to essentially connect to your spirit guides and read the situation you’re in and see where you’re going. A psychic is able to inform you of this direction you may be headed, but can’t make you walk that path. Your free will reigns supreme. How you choose to walk through that maze is your choice, but a good psychic advisor will be able to let you know what each path holds. With this information, you can then make changes that’ll lead to the positive outcomes you seek.

DEBUNKED Myth #2: Psychics Can Read Your Mind

By tuning into your energy and the energy around you, a psychic is capable of picking up on your most dominant feelings and know how you’re feeling. As your psychic advisor reads your energy, they also are able to pick up different signals which guide them in their readings. Even the most powerful psychic can’t tell you how many fingers you’re holding behind your back.

DEBUNKED Myth #3: Psychics Can Place (or Remove) Curses On You

No, no, and lots of no. This is an incredibly unfortunate misconception (and SCAM) that still befalls many a superstitious soul. Sadly, there are some immoral folks that will pose as a “psychic” to scam someone into spending money in order to have a curse removed. As the saying goes, “A curse is simply a wish that brings harm to someone else.” Remember that a real psychic believes in free will, and no development can enter your life without your choice. A wish that brings harm to someone can hold no power over them unless they let the energy into their life. Strictly speaking, you can’t be cursed unless you believe you can be cursed.

To ensure you can make a strong connection with your psychic, do your research! Browse through KEEN’s directory of quality advisors, review their listings, and find someone that you can trust. Be discerning and be realistic! While a psychic can’t tell you how many fingers you’re holding behind your back, they will be able to help you look deeper and lead a better, richer life.

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