By Keen Editorial Staff

Through our #GuidanceGuru series, we’ve been hosting live webinars with some of our most trusted advisors. Our goal with these webinars is to spotlight our amazing advisors, spread their wisdom, and create a space for customers to interact with advisors and develop personal connections.

In our most recent #GuidanceGuru webinar, we had a chat with Leslie Hale, an expert astrologer who has been a valued part of the Keen community since 2001. Leslie hosted an informative session that covered some of the most frequently asked questions about astrology. In the final segment of the webinar, Leslie conducted live chart readings for many customers.

Learn more about astrology and check out Leslie’s live chart readings:

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Keen Editorial Staff
Keen's Editorial Staff is made up of world-class writers, astrologers, psychics, and advisors with diverse experience and spiritual sensitivity. 

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