11 Signs You’re in a Twin Flame Relationship

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The term ‘twin flame’ is often used interchangeably with ‘soul mate,’ however, that’s a big misunderstanding. Where a soul mate is your perfect match, a twin flame is defined as your perfect mirror.

Twin Flame relationships tend to be intensely passionate, but uniformly heart-wrenching. While this relationship tends to be on-and-off-again, there’s a sense between both parties of a natural magnetism that is inescapable. Twin flames help our soul and spirit awaken unlike no other relationship, and ultimately serves to help you grow into your most authentic, destined path.

Are you wondering if you’re experiencing a twin flame relationship? Here are 11 signs to look out for.

1. Meeting them feels like déjà vu.

Not only did the moment you came face-to-face for the first time feel like a recurrence, but the course of events in your relationship feels like you’ve experienced them before, either in dreams or a past life.

2. Your relationship is challenging, yet transformative.

Intensely passionate in nature, you two butt heads often, but through the struggles, each of you learns more about yourself and ascends to a higher state of understanding and authenticity.

3. Despite your abundant differences, your core fundamentals are innately similar.

The things you enjoy may seem so different, your opinions tend to disagree, and your personalities are incredibly unalike. However, at the core, your fundamentals match powerfully, and this allows you to click.

4. As convinced you are that you’re both meant to be, there’s always something that gets in the way.

This is not a product of ill fate, rather, it is a sign that you’re not meant to be together in the way you think you should. After all, the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.

5. You’re always drawn back together, in one way or another.

The magnetism is intense and overwhelming. Despite how far away you may be from one another, you feel naturally in-tune with them, almost telepathically.

6.  One of you is more soul-connected, the other more practical.

There tends to be an imbalance in mood or spiritual-connectedness at any given moment. One of you is picking up where the other falters, and vice versa.

7.  You’re always on-and-off.

One week you’re together, and then you’re not, and then you are again. Despite the intense love and connectedness, either one of you tend to dissolve the relationship for some reason, as though the intensity of closeness is too much to take for long periods of time.

8.  You’re the epitome of Yin and Yang.

When you two merge, there’s a strong sense of puzzle pieces connecting and wholeness. The parts of you that felt like they were missing are filled—especially parts that you didn’t realize were there to begin with.

9. Your relationship expands your mental and spiritual horizons.

Through the trials and tribulations amid your relationship, there’s an awakening that occurs within you. Their love helps you see beyond your current reality and enter a new realm of soul and spirit.

10. You can always be your true, authentic self with them, wildly and unapologetically.

Nothing is taboo. You’re never judged for fully being yourself. You can share your deepest desires or fears knowing they are safe with the other person.

11.  They feel like home.

The depth of familiarity is warm and overwhelming. Regardless of your emotional state, being with them provides the ultimate comfort throughout your entire being.   

An important thing to note is twin flame relationships occur when both people have ascended to a state of spiritual evolution. The connection between the two brings forth the reflection needed to personally grow and reach one’s highest potential. As important and challenging it is to navigate, it’s a relationship of much importance.

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