Dreams About Weddings & What They Mean

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Whether you are currently married or not, dreaming about a wedding day can certainly be exciting and maybe even a bit anxiety-inducing. People around the world spend hours daydreaming about their wedding day, so it is no big surprise that some dream about it after they fall asleep as well. As a day of happiness and the start of a new journey, most wedding dreams lean toward being positive. It is to be expected to occasionally experience the associated nervousness, longing, or even fears about not being properly prepared if your own wedding is approaching. For the average person, the meanings behind wedding dreams can vary greatly and often depend on who is getting married, if things are going poorly in the dream, and your own emotions. Despite this great variety, there are frequently seen interpretations that most people can relate to. The following are a few themes that stand out the most.

Big Day Anxiety

Many people who dream of a wedding are having their own wedding rapidly approaching. Your dreams may be filled with everything going right or everything going absolutely wrong. These dreams are usually coming from a place of anxiety and are completely natural. After all, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and anything can happen. The most important thing to remember when you are having anxiety-based dreams about your big day is that there is no need to make sweeping changes based on what you saw while dreaming. You can drive yourself crazy trying to adjust for whatever silly and unlikely situation your mind envisioned while you slept. Don’t bottle up your worries. Discuss them with your partner or a close friend to help you separate real issues from unlikely results originating from a dream. Overall, you should take this as a positive result of your excitement and reasonable anxiety about your upcoming wedding day.

What Could Have Been

Sometimes wedding dreams don’t come from a place of happiness and instead are based on regret or wishful thinking. If you find yourself dreaming of marrying someone you are not with, despite already being in a relationship, this could be the source. It is not uncommon for such dreams to occur when you are going through rough patches during your current relationship, but you should not be ashamed. A nightly dream is not an action and we cannot control our mind or imagination when we sleep. The potentially hurtful nature of these dreams often leads to them not being shared, making receiving advice out of the question. The important thing to remember is, you simply do not know what life is truly like with the person you are dreaming of. Your high school sweetheart or flirtatious coworker will typically show the best side of themselves in public, just like most individuals. It takes truly living with someone to know them, so don’t be lured away with grass is greener thoughts born of your dreams. Focus on the source of these thoughts and dreams to avoid making foolish decisions you will regret later.

The Need For Companionship

If you are single and having dreams of your, or anyone else’s wedding day, it may be your mind and heart’s desire for companionship coming through. The drive to find your partner for life is strong, and while it may not be for everyone, this idealized dream is rather common. Wedding dreams are never a definite sign to marry the one you are with. Such major life decisions should not be decided by a dream, and instead should reflect on the positivity of your relationship and a shared desire to marry. If you are female, you may have dreamt of catching the bouquet, even if everyone else in the dream is unknown to you. It can be hard to escape thoughts and dreams of weddings when you are at the age that nearly everyone you know is either married already or getting married soon. To help yourself overcome such thoughts, you should realize that it is never too late to get married. It is not a race, nor a sign that you are undesirable if you haven’t found your soul mate just yet. Many marriages started young and early eventually collapse, particularly if one of the drives behind it is feeling a “need” to marry due to cultural and societal influence. Overall, these dreams are normal and are simply proof that you too desire a loving partner to share companionship with.

Hidden Meanings

Occasionally wedding dreams have nothing to do with love or weddings at all. The hidden meaning behind such dreams can be fueled by a big change in your life that is either recent or upcoming. Getting married is a huge event and that same emotion can transfer well from other events in your life. If you have recently made a change for the better and feel like you are getting a fresh start in life, that can be reason enough for the seemingly out of place dream. Another frequently seen hidden meaning refers to a close personal bond and the resulting support you possess or lack. At a wedding you are surrounded by family and friends with everyone there to support and celebrate your big day. This dream based on your support system can hint at a close friendship you have with someone who consistently has your back and has supported you through thick and thin. On the other hand, it can represent what a good support system should feel like, and reveal the regrettable state of yours.

Experiencing a wedding dream can seem like almost a rite of passage for couples that approaching marriage. For single people, it can be a nagging reminder of loneliness and their lack of a soul mate. Whatever the cause, wedding dreams are rarely a cry for action or reaction. These visions of someone’s special day are often simply reflections of your inner emotions, thoughts, or true desires at heart. It can be challenging to see past the dream setting and discover the true meaning behind it when it is not obvious. For those who have a growing curiosity behind the meaning of wedding or other dreams, consider a live session with a dream interpreter to help you get the answers you desire.

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