What His Car Says About Him

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If your girlfriends find out that you are dating a guy that they do not know, one of the first questions they will ask you is “What kind of car does he drive?”

This is a question that usually is asked to indicate a person’s wealth. But the kind of car a man drives tells you a lot more about him than his income. Check to see if your man’s car shows up on this list and keep it handy if your psychic tells you that you will soon be meeting a man for the first time.

Country of Origin

The country of origin of a car will tell you plenty about the man and his relationship to his mother. The country is the motherland and a girlfriend eventually supplants the mother.


An American-made car brand represents a relationship with women that is based on trust and freedom. The world ends up trusting American leadership and working to emulate its freedom. A man who drives an American car brand is more comfortable with a woman who has her own individual identity.


Cars from Asia, primarily Japan, represent a relationship with women that hinges on a defined role. The world admires Asia’s efficiency and ability to do without personal agendas as a means of achieving the common good. A man who drives an Asian car wants the woman in his life to serve a well-defined role.


European cars represent a need to appear classy and a superficial affiliation with lifestyle appearances rather than relationship depth. From Fiat to the Beemer, Lamborghini to Rolls Royce (with the exception of Yugo), European cars are driven by men who either are players or perceive themselves to be players even though they are not successful at it.

Type of Car

The type of car he drives reflects how he sees himself. No matter where his car comes from, every particular brand and make of automobile reflects an archetype of the person behind the wheel. The type of car he drives shows you what he thinks about himself.


While sedans appear to be strictly for the conformists of the world, the man at the wheel of a sedan sees himself as fair-minded and in favor of everyone being free to pursue what they like. He is probably more vain about his intellect than his appearance. You can make fun of him for wearing a Hawaiian shirt or for having an out of date hairstyle, but don’t attempt to manipulate him as he will be furious that you thought him so stupid as to not catch your little game.

Pick-up Truck

A man who owns a pick-up truck is inherently community minded and enjoys being part of something bigger than himself. This is a future family man and a joy to have when something around the house needs fixing. He may be a bit set in his ways, though, as the pickup truck owner has definite ideas about the way the world works and is not interested in straying too far from these perceptions, no matter how inaccurate or out of touch they may be. Getting a pickup truck driver to change his mind or admit he was wrong is a major accomplishment.

Monster Truck

See above, but less community minded and even more stubborn and certain he is always right, even when the facts clearly show the contrary.


The man behind the wheel of an SUV is a take-charge man who will work to make you feel comfortable and secure. If he succeeds in making you feel this way, don’t get too comfortable, because he will expect things, once established, to always stay the same. Been to a neat, new restaurant? Enjoy it once, because SUV man will only take in new experiences every so often, so unless it makes his list of three favorite places to go, there will not be a return trip to that new, cool place for another half-decade.


A man in a convertible looks free and unbothered by the world around him. And he is. He is also never too hassled by a committed relationship or thoughts of the long-term beyond this weekend. He is great to know casually as he always knows the good clubs, happening bars and other new phenomena on the scene, but other than making the scene, he cannot really be relied on for much else, especially to commit to becoming part of a true love relationship. But he often has cute buddies who drive pickups and sedans …


See above, but less into the hip new scene and more into carving out his own experiences in the world. This man is the author of his own story, but he likely will never find a publisher.

Classic Car

A man who drives a classic car is diligent and fastidious, a hopeless romantic and someone who considers his relationship to be part of a grand drama. There might, in fact, be too much drama, as you are relegated to a co-starring role in any relationship with him (potentially behind his car).

A Beater

A man who drives a beater loves you because you will do. This is the kind of guy you settle for when you have given up on your big dreams and are just trying to make it day-to-day, month to month. He settled for the car and he settled for you, too. He might not aim higher when it comes to autos, but you can aim higher for a partner.


Behind the wheel of the hybrid is the guy who wants to be seen as doing the right thing. He wants to be environmentally correct. He wants to see the right bands and know the right people. He wants to be right a little too much, though, as he will continually point out to you and your friends and your family just where they are wrong regarding issues of how they maintain their households, how they raise their kids and how they vote in upcoming elections. If you want to live up to high standards, move in with a man who drives a hybrid.

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