Know His Soul Mate Potential by His Pet

A boyfriend with Dog

The type of pet a man has can tell you a lot about him, especially if he is single and looking for a relationship. Before you even start dating him too deeply, you will have a head start in love just by first observing what kind of pet he has, and second by how he interacts and treats that pet.

Read below to determine whether the man you have in mind is one you want to leash up with or leave behind in a cage.


Man’s best friend indicates a man longing to socialize with the world on his terms. Dogs are inherently pack animals and look to their master for dominance. A man who is a dog owner wants to be loved in his own particular way. He may be eccentric, shy or just well-aware of what he wants and does not want, but you can be sure he will articulate how he sees the world, his place in it and the place of his soulmate as well. If his dog is well-behaved, you are likely smitten with a man who can take care of you, but at a slight submission of your will to his. If his dog is wild, unpredictable or too excitable you are looking at a man who has leadership aspirations without the tools necessary to succeed at it. If you are going to submit, it better be to someone who is good at dominance. You will have to ask yourself whether or not that is really soulmate material.


The man who owns a feline values independence and has an appreciations of fine things. This man will not be one who quickly merges his assets with yours. He might be a tad too judgmental for your liking at first, but if you make it past the scrutiny, you will stand the test of time. This is not a man who gives freely and easily but when he does give you a gift you will be expected to cherish it. He really doesn’t ask for much more, so enjoy him and his fine furry friend. Pay attention to how the cat treats visitors. A cat who is annoying is acting out in order to impress his owner. This tells you that the guy might have standards that are too high for anyone to meet and will never commit, using the assertion that you just are not right, and perhaps even challenging you with a few things you can do to improve in his estimation. This is a game that will go on forever. Let him make his cat jump through such impossible hoops. Look for a guy whose kitten likes to cuddle, that is an indicator of someone capable of loving you.


A man with a bird is man with an even temperament. He can put up with a lot of squawking – from the bird and from you! If you are a drama queen, he is likely a good audience who will balance out your overreactions and applaud your grand epic enactments.


A man who can afford his own horses might be attractive enough simply on financial grounds, but this is a man who values making the most of his opportunities and will want to maximize your love relationship. If you are not ready to have children, prod deeply at your horse-owning acquaintance, as he usually wants everything a girl has to offer.


A homebody by nature, a man who has tropical fish is someone who appreciates beauty to the point of fawning over it. He will absolutely take care of you as long as you meet his standards of physical attractiveness. Entertaining in the home is the only route to assure a good social life if you choose to make this man your permanent partner. The fish will look good, the guests will have a good time and he will satisfy your needs as you have allowed your beauty to enter his world.

Exotic Animals

Chimpanzees or the occasional wild lynx are not exactly household pets, but they do indicate something about their owner. The need to exist within one’s own reality, outside of society’s mores and expectations is manifested in outlaw behavior. In addition to considering how your personal safety might be affected amidst such a thrilling lifestyle, there is always the undercurrent of worrying whether the animals are going to attack.

Carrier Pigeons

The art of breeding carrier pigeons was once popular all over the world. Now it is a lost art, much like civil-war reenactment. The best thing you can say about this type of man is that they are history buffs and love engineering situations. While this man might not be the best people person, he will be loyal and efficient.

Farm Animals

Guys who have pigs or chickens or the like as pets are usually quite eccentric and entertaining. There may be hygiene issues as well, but the love for you and genuine affection are real, a palpable love that is often absent with more “civilized” men. But it is your call as to whether it is worth abandoning civilization for this.


They are cute, they are cuddly and they tell you that he expects you to treat him as a cute and cuddly wonderboy. This might include supporting him. Be very cautious until you have assessed what his financial needs are and are certain that you will not be footing the bill. The rare hamster owner who has his life foundation taken care of is likely to treat you as the cute and lovely critter in his life, if you can stand that much affection.


While these might seem like the creepiest pets imaginable, they actually reveal a man who is quite tolerant of his lover. If you have some issues that you are working out or some baggage that other men see as a daunting challenge, a man who has a pet snake or two might be the right one to crawl on over to for a little squeeze.

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