What His Favorite Sport Says About Him

Man playing a game of tennis

As you begin to date a new guy, his interest in sports will come up in conversation. He might mention that he is going to a game with friends next week. He might be staring across the room at a televised game screaming “YES YES!” while you two are out on your third date together at a restaurant. Or he might be somewhere in between. From casual to passionate, just about every man has an interest in sports. And every man has a favorite sport. Get him talking to find out what his favorite one is. Ask him if all the other sports were to go away, which one would he most want to have continued each season.

When he gives you his answer, check below to see what his choice of a favorite sport says about him as well as about your relationship and future together.


Your man loves style. He will emphasize looking good and being in the right place. Your relationship with him will be secure as long as things are conforming to the latest trends – keep your look up to date and be careful not to be too down to earth. Keep a sense of mystery going about yourself, keep him believing that there really is something so special and valuable about you that he better stick around and not play around in order to have it all.

College Basketball

Add a little more loyalty to the above description for your man. You can also add a little extra superficiality, as the style of basketball is quick and easy combined with College Basketball’s quick intimacy with anyone wearing his team’s colors. Understand that emotional intimacy will be easy to attain but quite shallow when you do get there.


Your man loves intensity. Don’t be worried about his intellect… you have him covered. But there are short bursts of intense activity and focus in his life that can be stunning in how much he gets done and what he truly accomplishes. This is his strength and weakness. If he is constructive with his talents, you could be in for a good life together. If he is a slacker or self-destructive, get out now as those bursts of intensity may one day be aimed at you.

College Football

All of the above apply to fans of College Football with the addition of extreme loyalty. Once you hook up with a college football fanatic, you might be stuck with him for life, so make sure you might be in love with him before you ever consider making love with him.

Fantasy Football

All of the above and a personality skewed toward taking small gambles. This is good if he is a businessman, it is a bad if he is crashing on his friend’s couch and already owes you money.


Men who love baseball are sentimental yet strong. Intelligent and observant, they see a relationship as a grand drama with you as the star. Check a few things out. A baseball fan’s love of his hometown team, the one he grew up with, indicates he is loyal and most likely monogamous. Some men fall in love with a baseball team that has a trendy national presence or is from the town he moved to in order to attend college. These are men who see monogamy as a serial affair. You might have his undivided attention for a few “seasons” but are not necessarily a keeper for life.

Fantasy Baseball

This is a man who has an untapped creativity. The problem for you is that he is tapping it in an exercise more pointless than doing three daily crossword puzzles. This is a man who needs to be inspired – perhaps you can get him interested in some volunteer work.


Hockey fans love the goalie. The great equalizer of their sport indicates their belief in justice and fair play. You will find men who love hockey to be open minded and tolerant. However, the goalie in the sport shows a strong obsessive nature regarding control. He will have a goal in life and you must be there to support his dream. If this dream is a realistic goal of building his own business or saving money to fund his pursuit of becoming a famous sculptor, this is good. If his dream is to be a platinum-selling rock star and he is in his mid-30s with no band or recording contract, the dream has become a delusion.


Much like Hockey, a goalie in the sport indicates a man who is tolerant yet obsessive over his grand vision. With Soccer, there is a bit of a patriotic streak that translates into relationship loyalty and a strong desire to reproduce. Fortunately, unlike their favorite sport, men who like soccer do like to use their hands when it comes to physical intimacy.


This is a patriot and a man with firm views of the world around him. Some women do not like a man who already has his mind made up. Other women find it comforting. If certainty and fixed positions are turn-offs, know this going into any relationship with a NASCAR-minded fan. If you find a man who stands for something a relief in a world of flakes, enjoy your time watching him watch his heroes make left turns for a living.


Well, perhaps you are in the relationship if only to assure that some excitement is possible. Men who are passionate about golf are also men who get excited when they balance their checkbooks. These are men who can calculate the tip to a restaurant check in their heads and feel like it is an accomplishment to boast about for the next week. Lots of navy blue in his wardrobe means nothing will ever clash – although you may be praying for a clash of any sort after sleepwalking through your affair with a fan of golf.

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