How to Revitalize Your Relationship

couple holding hands orchid field.

by Keen Psychic: Clairvoyant Channa

Spring is the time for revitalization of relationships that may have chilled during the Winter months. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear from that person who broke your heart before. The energy of Spring beckons a time of new beginnings, and the seeds of new romance bloom.

Most of us go a little dormant during the Winter. The crisp, inviting snap of fresh air through our windows and outside awaken our passions, and we actively seek out a Mate. Flowers abounding everywhere evoke romance and happier moods, and we are all at our best when Spring Blooms into season.

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Ladies, it’s time for those fresh mani’s and pedi’s! Take a chance and try that bold new hairstyle; shed the heavy clothes and dance in a flouncy yellow Spring dress and kicky sandals. Show that ex what he has been missing when he comes calling again. You want to look completely different if you are hoping to reignite an old relationship. A man is more likely to put aside past differences to get to know the “New You”!  He will assume that since you look different, you will both communicate better this time around. If you are sIngle, this fresh start will bloom your self-confidence and other singles can’t help but be captivated by your charms.

Spring also offers a world of activities that support your meeting new singles. Buy yourself that bike you always wanted and hit the trails with friends, go to the gym, drive to the beach, take up photography and capture that cutie pie behind your lens. Go to the park with your friends and put some cute tablecloths around the picnic tables with fresh cut flowers and some great food that attract inquisitive single men.

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The number one ingredient that brings couples together and back together is shared experiences. Go places together, be very creative and do not let your relationship go stale. Going out exposes the many layers of each other’s personality and brings you closer. No need to break the bank either. Get a nice picnic basket, fill it with favorite foods, a bottle of Prosecco, two Champagne glasses and a nice blanket to sit on together and fall in love over again. Take a short trip on the ferry, go to the zoo, aquariums, museums, or just go to a sweet place to shop and hold hands. Or throw a BBQ at your place and sit with your love outside amongst the beautiful spring flowers.

Spring is a time to heal from past hurts and let go of things burdening your Spirit. Daily look up at the sky, spread your arms wide and repeat: “I am open to accept all that is good in my new life”. Don’t wait for Him to buy you those flowers, girl! Buy them for yourself because you deserve it. Remember that you are unique and there is only one of you in the Universe. The right person will find you, the Angels are preparing him for you now.


About the Author:

Clairvoyant Channa started her Career in 1988. Out of her South Philly home, she offered both Private Readings and Phone Consults. In the early 90s, she was offered a spot on the show “Dionne Warwick Psychic Reading Network,” Her popularity soared as clients followed her to Keen. She specializes in love and relationships readings.

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