Learning To Love: How To Develop Self Love & Why This Will Strengthen Your Relationships

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As the saying goes, if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to have an undying adoration for you? The law of attraction is also at play here. If you’re pessimistic, cynical, and have low self-esteem, you’re less apt to attract the man or woman of your dreams. In fact, you may bring even more heartache into your life. With that in mind, you must learn to love yourself before getting involved in a relationship — and continue to do so while you’re in one, as jealousy and doubt could take over if you don’t. Obviously, these are not factors that equate to a healthy foundation for any type of partnership. So, how do you learn to love yourself? Don’t stress. With a little practice, you’ll soon find out that self-love is easier than you thought, and once you get on board, you’ll be even a more perfect partner. 

How To Develop Self-Love (in Relationships) 

Maintain a Degree of Space and Independence

Relationships are wonderful for countless reasons, but you mustn’t completely lose yourself to the other person. Just because you’re with someone doesn’t mean you have to alienate yourself from friends or family, drop any previous hobbies or activities, or pass up opportunities that could help you be more happy, healthy, or prosperous. You’ll only resent yourself in the long run while losing your identity at the same time. Of course, healthy relationships are also about compromising, so you will both have to make efforts to ensure that you’re both happy as partners, as well as individuals. 

Remember You Control Your Happiness

When it comes to learning self-love, remember only you control your happiness, success, and personal fulfillment. Don’t expect another person to fulfill your greatest hopes, desires, and goals. Sure, you can aspire to achieve things together as a couple, too, but don’t wait around for someone else to spark the idea. Also, when it comes to a breakup or divorce, remember that you’re still in charge of your destiny. Take some time to heal, then dust yourself off and get yourself (and your life) back on track. 

See What Your Partner Sees

When you don’t love yourself while in a relationship, it’s (unfortunately) all too easy to focus on “flaws.” Maybe you’re self-conscious about a certain part of your body or appearance, or perhaps you don’t make the same amount of money. How do you learn to love yourself? By making a conscious effort to remind yourself why your partner is with you in the first place. Clearly, he/she loves you for who you are, no matter what you feel. Trust, you’ll only be all the more attractive (and not just in a physical sense) to this person when you can exude the self-confidence that can only come from loving yourself. 

Forgive Yourself

Want to know how to improve a relationship? Start with forgiveness. Holding a grudge will only prevent you from living your best life because it’s taking up valuable energy that you could put towards something positive and productive. By merely saying, “I forgive you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” you are immediately practicing self-love. Other benefits include a feeling of peace, better sleep, improved relationships, and less irrational and obsessive thoughts. 

Self-Love and Strengthening Relationships 

Love Yourself Before Loving Others

Perhaps the biggest take-away is that you should love yourself before loving others. Not only will you have greater self-esteem and the ability to be happy independently as well as in a relationship, but you’ll be a better partner to boot. 

Avoid Toxic People

Of course, the other person in your life must be equally on the same page to create a balanced, healthy union. It can be impossible to learn how to improve a relationship if it’s tainted by toxic energy. You worked hard at learning self love, so don’t sabotage your efforts with a person who is going to bring you down. 

Check in With Eachother 

When understanding how to strengthen your relationship, it’s important to remember never to take one another for granted. Communication is the key to any healthy union, so don’t give yourself so much self-love that you’re neglecting the other person.

Want To Learn More About Self-Love and Relationships? 

The best love psychics will provide you with strategic advice to help you achieve your relationship goals. However, since self-love is also a crucial part of this journey, getting assistance in this area may be a priority. Before booking a psychic love reading online, be sure to set a clear intention so that your mind and heart are open to the advice you’re about to receive. 

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