Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

When you meet your soulmate all other past relationships suddenly make sense to you. They’re calm and secure. The connection is instant. Your soulmate brings out the absolute best in you and the bond will be instant and it will feel safe. 

Because of this sacred, powerful bond, you can feel things about the relationship that other relationships won’t provide. These signs your soulmate is thinking of you can be subtle or obvious. 

Dreaming About Your Soulmate

Having your soulmate visit you in your dream space is a sign they are thinking of you. Once you have established a soul connection with your partner, you develop a special psychic relationship where your souls can communicate with one another through your dreams. Observe any symbols you see or if they speak to your directly. To help you remember your dreams, keep a pen and paper beside your bed and record down what you experienced as soon as you wake up.  

You Think of Them

If your soulmate suddenly creeps into your thoughts, this could be a sign they are thinking of you. Observe if there is anything in your immediate surroundings that is triggering you to think about them, whether it be a song that is playing or the name of a place you both visited together. When there is nothing in your immediate surroundings and thinking of them seems somewhat random, it is more than likely a sign your soulmate is thinking about you heavily.

You See Their Name

In separation, you may see their name everywhere. You may find that you run into people constantly with the same name or their name appears on signs or buildings several times a day. This could suggest that you are heavy on your soulmate’s mind. 

You Sense Their Presence

Hearing their voice or feeling their touch is another sign your soulmate is thinking of you. They may whisper something to you suddenly while you are working, or you may hear their voice as you are walking down the street. You may even feel them touch your arm or brush your cheek. 

You Get Goosebumps

Breaking out in goosebumps could indicate they are thinking of you in a very strong, emotional way, especially if your goosebumps appear out of nowhere and then you suddenly think of them.


There is a common belief held in Asia that having an itchy nose corresponds with someone thinking of you. 

If you sneeze three or more times in a row this is a sign your soulmate is thinking of you.

They Send Messages Through Music

If you have a song that reminds you of them, you may hear this more frequently. It could come on the radio while you are driving or be playing in a store you walk into. You may even just hear a song and be reminded of them. Listen to the lyrics because your soulmate could be trying to express themselves to you through music.


A random onset of hiccups not directly caused from food, drink or as a side effect of a medication, are another sign your soulmate is thinking of you. 

You Experience a Light Feeling in Your Chest

A sudden overwhelming excitement, a tummy flutter, or a warm feeling in your chest are all signs that your soulmate may be thinking of you. Have you noticed that you smile more frequently for no real reason? This could indicate they are in close proximity to you or that your twin flame physical separation is about come to an end.

The beauty of a sacred bond like a twin flame or soulmate relationship is that it tears down the illusion of separation. Even when you are apart, you can feel each other close by on your journey and sense when they are thinking of you. A soulmate connection is powerful, unbreakable, and telepathic. The love between you means you are easily able to read each other’s thoughts and feelings even when you are not in one another’s presence.

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