What is a Karmic Soulmate?

Karmic Soulmate

You’ve just met someone, but you know they’re special—maybe The One. This person may be your karmic soulmate. 

Karmic soulmates are often may mistaken for true soulmates. While they can overlap, karmic soulmates are the universe’s way of teaching you a lesson you haven’t learned in past lives.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is one where the bond with someone is there to teach you a lesson your soul is seeking. The bond you share with this person will force you to grow—to become aware of patterns that are no longer serving you and break them. They exist for you to release your karma.

Often, the relationship is full of passion and turbulence because the attachment is strong. Karmic relationships are a gift from the universe to test you and to be a catalyst for self-love. They typically don’t last very long because of the extreme triggers they bring up. They may follow patterns of pushing and pulling by both partners as they navigate their emotions and while the love is strong, it tends to be a toxic, emotional tie.

Karmic Relationship Signs

Think you might be in a karmic relationship? There are some clear signs that could indicate this. These include:

  • There is an instant magnetic connection
  • You may feel they are your ideal romantic partner when you first meet
  • You are both codependent and may overlook the toxic aspects of your dynamic
  • The relationship accelerates quickly
  • You feel drawn to them and do not feel whole without them
  • They bring out the worst in you
  • You feel drained
  • The relationship can be categorized by extreme highs and lows
  • There’s a lot of jealousy, possessiveness, and games.
  • You keep breaking up and making up

A karmic soulmate is different to a soulmate. They are there to push you into the highest version of you by shedding a light on the unhealed parts of yourself. A karmic soulmate causes emotional turbulence, and the relationship is not built on a secure foundation. The love is not calm, and you never feel emotionally safe in a karmic relationship. Once you have learned the lesson and broken the cycle with your karmic, you will meet your soulmate – a reflection of the highest version of you.

Can Karmic Relationships Turn into Soulmates?

While the connection is strong, a karmic relationship does not usually withstand the test of time. The only way in which the two could make it work is if both parties healed the wound that is being triggered by their partner and consciously decided to continue to grow together.

At the end of the day, a karmic relationship will only bloom if both partners consciously work on the unhealed parts of themselves by taking personal accountability. Both partners have to be willing to open their hearts fully to one another with the desire to grow stronger together. If you’re not sure they’re the right person for you, consider whether they are bringing out the best version of you and if the relationship is built on a strong foundation of emotional security.

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