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The summer is the season of sizzle, but will it be your love life that turns on when the weather is hot? Some zodiac signs get luckier when it is the cool cuddle of winter, while others should know the opportunity for affection has arrived.

Summer of 2009 sees lots of activity focusing on group gatherings, as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, remains in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of crowds and the public at large. This influences the energy of where people will be when the time is right for two of you to be getting together. Even if you meet a new possibility on the internet, the relationship will blossom this summer when the two of you are out and about in the crowd.

Check your sign below to see where the passion possibilities are this July and August. Check the sign of someone with whom you might want to watch a summer sunset so you know when to move in …


A July romance could blossom with someone in your neighborhood. If not kissing cousins meeting up at a 4th of July picnic, perhaps a family member knows the perfect match for you. Look to spend time close to home while others travel, but short day-trips with a new love interest will make it a fulfilling season anyway.
Best Day for Love: July 12


Take that summer vacation in July, as you are most likely to meet your dream hunk out of town then. If you are in a relationship, traveling together at this time will let you know everything you need to determine whether to stick with him. A few challenges to the ordinary routine will quickly let you know what kind of man he is.
Best Day for Love: The 4th of July


Switching from swimsuit to evening attire comes naturally to a zodiac Twin. While summer sees you changing your mind about just who to pursue and how to keep a few flirtations going, the big crush is coming in early August. You will be under the spell of a man who hardly knows you exist. Be prepared to attract his attention.
Best Day for Love: August 25


The Father’s Day solstice rings in the summer and will awaken an adventurous spirit in you. The summer will be different after July 21. The New Moon that night will draw the line between casual outings and serious dating. If you are involved in a breakup in mid-July, look for a hot new flame to come your way soon after this date.
Best Day for Love: July 22


The past is close behind for the Lion who wants it all. A flirty fellow that you met in the spring becomes a passion partner to carry your heart all summer. The New Moon in your sign falls on August 20. This will be the end of your summer fun, or at least of chapter one between you two. If it is meant to be, autumn might bring a ring!
Best Days for Love: August 4, 5 and 6 under the full moon.


Joining a new crowd puts you in the spotlight. July will boost your ego and happiness with a new circle of friends. August will make you even more the center of attention, but you should be careful to not publicly be seen as juggling too many lovers. Rumors about you will fly and you should adopt a policy of openness. This is not the summer to keep too many secrets.
Best Days for Love: Weekend of August 7 – 9


Travel as far as you can and meet someone who will actually expand your consciousness. Career possibilities occur in your travels, or you will at least bring new experiences back home that will help you get future employment. One thing Libra girls need to be careful about this summer is bringing back a pregnancy from abroad.
Best Days for Love: Weekend of July 10 – 12


A late spring fling might get serious, but one of you could quickly become financially dependent on the other. The income gap might affect your love life, so hit the road with you two on a strict allowance and see how August influences your blissful bonding. If you can make it together out in the elements, you can survive life with a spending cap.
Best Day for Love: August 27


Late July and early August pit you against a lover as communication sours. The 4th of July promises you much bliss, but learn how to communicate with the man for whom you are falling; as much as he likes you, true love will require knowing how he communicates and letting him know in a language he can understand.
Best Day for Love: July 26


Partnership passion is thwarted by your work schedule. You will find that summer might be a vacation to many, but a work opportunity or other regime will inhibit your chances at having much of a social life in July. This changes in August as someone from around your work area helps you make time for love. Good things come to she who waits!
Best Days for Love: August 18 and 19


Once again, money issues will put you in the company of men who are either way beneath you or way above you. It seems your peers are looking for other ladies and even guys you gave up on long ago have their summer eyes on someone else. Spending more time volunteering for a cause you endorse will put you in touch with men who share your values, and more than one of them will be good looking, polite and available.
Best Day for Love: July 22


This is just too wild of a summer to contain all of your emotions. If you meet up with a man he will be almost too much for you to handle. All feelings, emotions and sentiment will be amplified this summer. Look to survive by avoiding commitment, as you will only be locking up a heart that is too full of passion to settle down until autumn.
Best Day for Love: July 28

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