Twinflame in Waiting

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by Psychic Advisor: Dream Aine Alizee

While you are waiting to meet or reunite with your twinflame, it is so important to keep your energy clear and your vibration high. Our thoughts are important while we wait to meet our twinflame in this incarnation. The waiting can feel like it isn’t happening, and it feels like you’re waiting forever.

While you are waiting, here are some tips to help you rise high on the vibration of love and to manifest your desires into the present:

1) Know that the desire that you have to meet your twinflame means you have one; so, trust in the process. Often, I talk to twins that are waiting to unite or reunite from the runner, and they fear that they will never find love. The very fact that you desire to find your twinflame and love means that it is going to happen. You have a twinflame and you two will meet in the 5th dimension during the time you both picked in your sacred contract before this incarnation.

2) Be happy now, even though this can be difficult. The higher your vibration is and the more self-love and self-care you practice, you will emit a high vibration of union with your twinflame and you will tap into the frequency of the Universe. Think of a radio wave; you and your twin will vibrate towards each other until you meet and are in union. Depending on what contract you two made, someone you already know could be your twin and you two agreed your relationship would start on a certain date.

3) Clear your chakras and your energy daily. Energy clearing is beneficial in many ways. It will clear out old stagnant energy that keeps your mood down, and it will clear out blocks that prevent you two from being in union. Any energy work you do for yourself, your twinflame will also benefit from because you two share the same energy connection. Both of you will benefit and thrive from the energy clearing work you do, and it will line up your vibrations and attract yourselves towards each other.

 When and where will you meet your twinflame? Our psychic advisors are ready to guide you.

Be patient and trust the process. Know that your twin is on their way to you. While you wait, attend to yourself, your hobbies, your job, your friends. You’ll want to look after your health and see doctors for any ailments, clear up any problems, or seek advice from professionals to smooth out any legal or tax issues. Clean your home, literally and figuratively, because when you meet your twinflame, you will want to be in the best health and have clear energy. This way, you two can quickly move into union and the 5th dimension. Then, enjoy your charka awakening and twinflame alignment, together.


About the Author:

Dream Aine Alizee is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Specializing in tarot and love/relationship readings, she helps her clients uncover their true feelings and discover the potential of relationships. She works with angels, fairies and flower energy. Aine Alizee offers angel and oracle card readings, chakra balancing, aura and energy cleaning, and dream interpretation.

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